Ultimate Footer Ads script Converts Visitors to Subscribers and Buyers

Getting Traffic and visitors to your site is most important!

But how do you profit best from your visitors which just arrived at your site? Hopefully they click your link and do not leave fast again. And if they want to leave, should there not be an additional teaser to catch their interest and making them stay longer? Yes definitively!

Besides the usual fly in ads, virtual agents, peel-away ads and pop-ups, there is another possibility to increase your subscriber base by up to over 100 new leads within a few days only. This small script is the coolest and most unobtrusive ad technology on the market today. It will take your website list building and/or ads to a whole other level!

Please be sure you watch the video to see how it works and what this great script really can do for your website profits:

* It works with virtually all autoresponder services, including
   Aweber, GetResponse and Email Aces.

* Fully customisable Ads, including the headline, call to action,
   font style, font size, colours and more!

* Create and add your own custom graphics templates. Simply drop
   your template into the script directory and it will automatically
   appear in your admin panel, ready for you to use.

* Unlimited Domain License. Profit exponentially by using the script
   on all your sites.

* Two different Ad Types: Standard (clickable) Ads and Opt-In Ads.
   Redirect traffic to your offers or generate leads. Or rotate both
   types, it’s all up to you.

* Total Control of how often your ads display. Multiple options for
   how often return visitors see your ad, including ‘Always’, ‘Never’
   and ‘Once every XY visits’

* Split Test Multiple Ads. Test 2 or more ads to exponentially boost

* Rotate Multiple Ads. Show different ads to return visitors and test
  different offers.

I recommend you to get your own licence still today. This software is  so easy to install onto your website, a child could to it! Just copy and paste some script and you are done in less than 5 minutes.

And if you need still some help or instruction with hosting your own website properly, then check out Discover Cpanel Videos. They are free to start with and a great learning resource for beginners.