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Where and How to Source Quality Resell Rights Products

As popular as resell rights are, it is actually not always that easy to find them. Especially resell rights to good high quality products from which you can make some good money fast.

• Don’t purchase a product with Resell Rights if the product is outdated
Chances are that the product is either over-saturated on the Internet,
devalued over time or its contents did not survive the test of time.
Especially true if the product contains a lot of time-sensitive information.

• Avoid buying Resell Rights Products that sell for only $27 or $47
In most cases, the bundleid packages are really worth just that amount.
If the product and its resell rights are too cheap to be true, this is
often because either product is already old, over-saturated on the
web or devalued due to low prices offered by other resellers on the

• Choose quality Resell Rights Products that have limited competition
If the product is rather new, you have a good chance of having a
head-start. Or use your streets and business smarts to stay on
the inside of every investment by networking with influential
Internet Entrepreneurs so that they will update or include you
in their coming product launches. As the saying in CNN news,
“be the first to know”!

• What kind of people are the resell rights being sold to?
If the product author sells to customers that don’t have really great
marketing power, this can be your good chance as a super reseller to
leverage on your own connections, Joint Venture partner’s efforts, and
more, to beat other resellers to earning from a world wide audience!

• Choose quality RR-Products with attractive back-end offers
This will enable you to earn from the same customers. If possible, choose
a product that allows you to earn recurring income from back-end sales.
Interestingly enough, in the first three years of the Resell Rights mania,
products with Resell Rights where created with the aim to benefit mainly
their authors.

• Be sure that the RR-Product has a persuasive sales letter
If the sales letter is not convincing, it won’t sell no matter how good
the product is. The best litmus test is to read the sales letter yourself.
If it doesn’t persuade you, it won’t persuade your customers, either.

• Be sure to get the complete Reseller Material from the Author
This is a compulsory responsibility of the product author to you if he
wants to convey the Master/Basic Resell Rights to you. The Reseller
Materials Pack should consist of the sales letter, images, thank you
page, and maybe follow-up letters. If the product author doesn’t provide
you the necessities or even the Reseller Materials Pack, you may as well
source for other products as not having your Reseller Materials Pack
often means more unnecessary work on your part. The setting up work
can be taxing thus defeats the purpose of becoming a reseller and the
worst thing that could ever happen to you is preparing to fail by
messing things up!

• Do your market research and check demand for the chosen product
If there is no or hardly any demand on it on the Internet, it will be
pointless to resell it.

• Carefully read all terms and conditions before buying the RR-Product
Here are a few things to look out for in the resell right terms and conditions:

a) What is the minimum/maximum price cap for the product?

b) Can the product be given away for free or as a bonus
to another product you are selling?

c) Can the product be sold at auction sites such as eBay?

d) Can the product be sold in printed version?

Do a quick background check on the product author’s credibility by typing his or her name on the Google Search Engine. This is crucial as if the author has a bad reputation on the Internet, it will be very difficult to resell products made by him or her.

Be sure that the Resell Rights product has a money back guarantee policy – unless it is a Private Label Rights product. High-quality products usually have 90-day money back guarantee. In case you discovered that the product is not for you or fail to make any sale in the first 90 days, you still have a chance to get your investment refunded.

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Best success and please leave your comment about your expereinces with PLR Products.