WordPress Sites that Soar

If you are blogging for a while, you certainly have compared many blogs with yours and tried to optimise your own blog to a better style and more. As I have not much programming skills, it is quite difficult for me to properly and easy implement themes, graphics and other niche tools to use on my blog. For that reason I was looking for a good tutorial to help me safe time and get results fast.

I have found an eBook for only $ 17, written by Aisling D’Art with the title

 ‘Sites that Soar!’

If you want a professional-looking (blog) website that

– Attracts repeat customers,
– Ranks well and quickly at Google, and
– Is as easy to maintain as a blog  (but doesn’t look like one)…

You need to read this book and apply the offered techniques and recommendations.

The book is a WordPress blog design guide for non-techies.  It explains, step-by-step, how to customize a WordPress blog so that it looks like a news portal or magazine, not like a blog. It features lots of screenshots and is written for beginners with no HTML skills.  However, it also covers CMS topics and provides tips for using WordPress with large and over 200 articles websites.

The author even includes a timeline, showing exactly how she started with nothing (not even a domain name or hosting) and set up a complete, magazine-style website. This 56-page book is a PDF-file with links to every resource Aisling uses, and — except for domain registration and hosting — they are all free resources and tools.

Bonuses include 40 WordPress-ready graphics that you can download at the author’s website.

Using this system, Aisling took her website from page five at Google to the top three in her niche in only three days.  And, the site was still there at this hig ranking a month later. 

See what’s covered in detail by this ebook:

    Getting started
    Customizing your theme
    Important backups
    Branding: Your header graphic
    Adding articles
    Finding your Category ID numbers
    Editing your website code
    Sidebar changes
    Tabs: Changing their names and contents
    Customizing your homepage
    Homepage graphics explained
    Custom fields and graphics  
    Uploading graphics in WordPress
    Adding homepage graphics
    Managing a large site with WordPress
    Copying older pages into WordPress
    How to add articles (step-by-step summary)

    Appendix 1: Installing WordPress (auto)
    Appendix 2: Installing WordPress (other)
    Appendix 3: WordPress for SEO
    Appendix 4: Creating an .htaccess file
    Appendix 5: Changing header background, image size
    Appendix 6: Navigation bar changes
    Appendix 7: An actual timeline