Working on my eBook and – RSS

All the weekend I was sorting out ideas ant items for my eBook to come soon. Actually I thought about an compendium of Intenet Marketing Tools but then I found out that this is just a to big task to tackle professionally in a short time.

Sleeping over it, I came up with the solution this morning: The ebook will have 6 different parts and in every part there will be a specific Marketing Tool explained and put at the readers’ disposal for step by step use and/or implementation. OK, that’s just a glimpse. I still have to work on it and quite fast, as I am way behind my own set time goal for delivery. So wait and see till I can tell you more…

RSS again? Yes!

As you might have noticed, I have written my own article about RSS feeds and what they are. Now, my good friend, Paula Brett has done an even better review and I feel that you also should check her contribution to this theme. It is well worth and very well explained. Thank you Paula. You can read Paulas Post Here.

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