WP Nerds or How to Twist WordPress

This could be your little WordPress Secret…

Do you have at least one WordPress blog? And do you use it at your best, applying all the possible resources and twists?

  •   What about a WordPress sales letter?
  •   What about a WordPress squeeze page?
  •   What about a WordPress review site?

It is really true: You can change a WordPress blogs into one of six kinds of web sites, if you know how. By combining a couple of easy plugins and make a few other easy changes you can use your blog to

  •   Setup WordPress as a Squeeze Page…
  •   Setup WordPress as a Review Site…
  •   Setup WordPress as a Sales Letter…
  •   Setup WordPress as a Static-Looking Site…
  •   Setup WordPress as a Membership Site…
  •   Setup WordPress as an Affiliate Site…

It’s all revealed here. And this is a summary of what you get with this easy to follow step-by-step application: 

– Quick start video showing you how to get a test blog
  installed in 49 seconds, the 3 ways to avoid more
  WordPress difficulties, and the only things you need
  to tweak in your theme.

– 7 screen-capture video tutorials (totaling 3 hours)
  demonstrating how to use WordPress as a review site,
  membership site, static site, affiliate site, sales
  letter and a squeeze page.

– 1 additional talking head video showing you why and how
  to implement each of the six methods quickly.

– Bonus 40-minute recorded webinar showing you what plugins
  are required for ANY blog regardless of its purpose.

– Mindmaps and HTML notes for these presentations so you
  have a permanent quick-reference guide for all the
  valuable advice you get.

– MP3 audio recordings of all three hours of video so you
  can listen to them anywhere.

– iPod-encoded versions of the videos so you can watch them
  on your video iPod or iPhone.

– The reverse squeeze plugin which you can apply on TOP of
  all the methods I’ll show you in a minute.

Why not giving it a try and Get out the MOST out of your WordPress Blogs?