Your One Stop Resale Rights Store

Are you looking for great products to learn from, resell or use as content for your own articles and reports? There is an  excellent source to just get everything in one place:

         – Software
         – Scripts
         – Ebooks
         – Videos

And every one product comes with a very low price tag between $ 1.95 to $ 5.75. and with RR, MRR or PLR rights. You can pay online with Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discover, JCP and PayPal.

Resale Rights ?(RR)You have the right to resell the product to your customer, but your customer cannot resell it to their customer.

Master Resale Rights ?(MRR) Master resale rights enable you to resell the product to your customers along with the basic resell rights that come with it. Your customer in turn can also resell the product to their own customers.

Private Labels Rights ?(PLR) Private label rights allow you not only to buy the product but also change the product in any manner you see fit. You can change or alter the product even if it’s just the title and your name as the author and make it your own work.