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Martin Bigler

100% Automatic Email Sending With NO Work!

My short Review…

What is “The Email Machine” all about…

No long sales letters. This is plain and simple!

In short, it’s all about WE are sending out promotion emails on YOUR behalf while YOU at the same time make a monthly income…

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Here is how it works…

At first you need to join. The cost is only $5 a month.

After joining you will instantly be forwarded to the members area where you can submit the website URL you want to promote in their 3 weekly emails – it can also be an affiliate URL..

You are allowed to change the URL, or add a new one, once every wee

Here is what will happen next…

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But there is more….

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In no time thousands will join this program, and here is why..

First, the very low monthly cost, and because of that almost all people can afford to join.

Second, all internet marketers will love to have an automatic email system, sending out emails on their behalf without doing any of the work themselves!

Well, that’s almost it, – VERY easy to use – VERY easy to sell!

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Best Success.

Martin Bigler

Best Motivational Techniques

Uncertain Times – Bad Motivation – Change It!

Do you have a lot of sorrows in family, job or personal in these bad times ?

Maybe you are in a slump?

Or you lost all the Motivation to look forward positively?

If you say YES, then I have a great solution for you to get started again!

If you really want to get more done and become a positive thinking human being, then get your copy of The Motivational Handbook! right NOW!

Inside this valuable guide there are 101 Power Tips on how to motivate yourself from scratch. 

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How to NOT waste YOUR Traffic!

Traffic is the MOST important resource an internet marketer owns.

Therefore, you should exactly know where your sign-ups and sales are coming from.

One secret is not MORE Traffic but to generate BETTER Traffic which converts best posible! Usually it is not so easy to exactly track the sources of the traffic to your sites. But there is help NOW!

100 Percent Mailer has re-launched with a perfect tool named Traffic Wise.

This new Traffic Wise feature tracks over 1.3 million website visitors each month from over 500 different traffic sources to give you a list of the best converting traffic sites compiled from over 100 different signup pages rotating at those sites.

The new Linked Sites feature shows all your own stats on dozens of traffic generating sites in a single snapshot.

Further, there is still another great feature: The Email Wizard will help you write unique emails that get attention and clicks within minutes.

Conclusion: If you want more signups and sales, then 100 Percent Mailer is your First Choice to start with.

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How Free Tools Empower Your Life

Download my very own e-Book “MONEY MATTERS” Plus 9 other FREE Personal Power Gifts today…

If you are looking for answers to empower yourself and create financial freedom or a better life balance, then I have great news for you!

You will find a wealth of no cost tools, each with the intent of helping you live your best life ever!

Several Personal Development leaders have given me access to some of their best products – all for free! And you can have access to these valuable tools right now by just clicking here and download what you prefer. I’m sure you’ll find something that will be just perfect for you.

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Share Files almost Unlimited and Free!

Did you also have great problems by sending attachments with emails and having the mail rejected because it was just too heavy to pass the security checks and barriers at the receivers side?

It even might work with private accounts, depending on the set on their computers. 

However if you send your mail and attachment to a business email address, there will be a rejection almost for sure.

There are many free systems which are offered but they very often  they allow only limited storing space too. 

I was on the look for a long time until I found DropBox which is a really cool cloud program.

DropBox allows you to share a lot of files, photos, videos, mp3 files and more. The best is, you can share all or only selected files with your partner, 
friends and business colleagues. It is also linked to Facebook and Twitter, so all main features are open to share your information easily.

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And if you share DropBox with your friends, you get rewarded with still more GB storing space. It’s a real win-win situation: Share, recommend and grow your DropBox Cloud and get practically unlimited storage space.

And yourself have access to all your DropBox files just anywhere you are on the world.

I am really fond of this easy to use and very effective sharing program – and it is all for free!

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FREE PLR Ebooks to Get You in Profit

Your Money Maker from the First Day!

Are you looking for an easy and affordable way to create an online income by selling creative and useful ebooks?

In case you are struggling to build a list due to cost and technical issues, do not worry, there is a perfect and free way to get started and make an income right from the beginning.

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* Built-in mailing system which stores any leads you
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CryptoJams is Booming – A Must Have!

Yes, get in ASAP!

Here is why:

CryptoJAMS is a new site where you can Advertise Globally,  and  Earn Daily JAMS & Money at the same time.

The return of a small $3 investment is already at  about 6-10% over the running period! You can have as many Stakes as you want and double your ROI.

They made mining activity attractive to their membersby offering on-site rewards. The best part is that here Mining Activity is made Simple and Friendly..

CryptoJAMS is a  Stable Platform To Maximize Profitability and this is what their members will get:

– Free Advertising on Signup
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They have combined Advertising and Mining for a Unique Members Experience. 

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How to add 100 Leads daily to your List…

…and earning a recurring income right from the start of this excellent income program – it could be everything betwenn $165 and $830 per week.


Well, you need to spend a little money first and a setup fee but get added the first 100 top class leads immediately.

Next, you need to be willing to invest 30-50 minutes per day to send out the preloaded mailings. Then wait and see. Open rates are between 12 and 19 %, click rates 10-15 % which both are very high.

For this reason, chances are very good to make a sale of two per mailing. Since every day you receive another 100 leads, your list builds up very fast and your earning potential is unlimited.

And better still: for every sale you make, you get another 100 leads daily on top. This means 1 sale = 100+100 leads, with another sale it will be 200+100 leads, etc.

Summing up: If you do the daily 30-50 minutes work and stay committed, your fist investment and then the recurring monthly fee of $30 will be paid within the first month.

I highly recommend to check it out right now. You only can win and work towards fulfilling your dreams. It’s just win-win.

Protect Your Web Content With Attorney-Drafted Legal Disclaimers

You are legally accountable for all content you put on your blogs and websites!

For that very important reason it is absolutely important that you give some thought at the legal online regulations and which exact text you need for your

  • Website and Blog Disclaimer
  •  Privacy and Earnings Disclaimer
  • Your fully Customizable Affiliate Agreement
  • Medical Disclaimer
  • or any other Business Disclaimer you may need!

These website policies and disclaimer templates are really inexpensive and a perfect insurance against your risk of potentially expensive fines, penalties or lawsuits from any person or party reading your web content.

Website and Blog Protection Policies & Disclaimers

Protect your website or blog from fines and legal problems. Comply with FTC regulations.

Download an attorney-drafted privacy policy, terms and conditions policy, medical disclaimer or earnings disclaimer now.

You also make a very good – and, even more important – competent and trust worthy impression to your readers, customers and followers. Therefore, I highly recommend to have a look at these excellent legal templates asap.

Download attorney-drafted website & blog disclaimers and legal protection documents

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The Powerful Health And Slim Down Combat System

Discover The Real Strategies  For Proper Weight Loss Now by Using the Powerful Fat Combat System!

Is this year finally the time you are going to say “Enough Is Enough”?

Are you ready to start on a path to a healthier me and   are you NOT going to find any more excuses?

Are you going to make a change by shedding some of those extra pounds, No matter what ???

If yes then get ready to…


There are a few basic truths you should know before you decide on how you will proceed. First, realize that there is NO miracle weight loss treatment.

While It is possible to lose significant weight by adhering to a highly restrictive or other popular fat diet, in reality the biggest problem with that is the harm to your body, in essence they deprive your body of essential nutrients.

These diets can leave you with brittle bones, low immunity and overall health that is worse than in the beginning. More important though, is the problem that if no changes are made to your lifestyle, the moment you stop depriving yourself on the crash diet, you are highly likely to return to your previous eating and exercise habits, which leads to the dreaded Yo-Yo phenomenon.

Studies have shown that the majority of people who are overweight and crash diet, then regain the weight lost almost instantly and are in a much worse state of health than those who remain at their original overweight size.

Which leads to the question… How can I lose weight?

And how can I make a difference in me and my family’s life?

The plain answer is that there is no miracle, only tried and tested nutritional and exercise advice, and this is what this book is all about.

Check out what you can learn:

–  The Major Causes Of Weight Gain
–  Choosing The Right Diet Plan
–  How Diets Work
–  Industry Secrets
–  Stepping Out Of Your Comfort Zone
–  Persisting Through Failure
–  Why Maintaining a Daily Schedule is Critical
–  Healthy Nutrition And Its Benefits
–  The Importance Of Exercise
–  Living The Healthy Lifestyle
–  and much, much more…

So if you want to make a commitment to lose weight and keep it off, this book will help, assist and provide you with all the ingredients you need to achieve your goals and dreams.

Today is the day to make the decision to


The goal of this powerful book is to assist the multitude of every day people who desperately want to make a change in their own and their family’s life now, and make that final decision to live a healthier, happier and more fulfilling life.

Check it out and get ready to start right tomorrow!

Best success.

Other resources…

For Cool & Healthy Drinks get this FREE PDF
For more Body Building and Health related books go here…


Your Twitter Marketing Crash Course…

…Or How To Avoid Any Mistakes And Get The Best Twitter Account!

If you are serious in Internet Marketing, you need to make the best use of Twitter!

I have put together a 5-day Twitter Crash Course and you can sign up for free here…

And you even can get the full Private Label Rights to my site, all files, graphics and the autoresponder eCourse are included.

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Please take the chance and get informed and avoid all the common Twitter mistakes!

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Hot Marketing Tactics For Conversion Cash

Skyrocket your conversions with ‘mind-control’ marketing

How do I convince new customers to buy from me and my site?

This is going to make clients come to you or how to use the one single magic question!  But, how do you know which hot buttons you must push to turn these eager prospects into customers?

That is exactly what Digi Marketing Jedi is going to tell you!

Andy Fletcher is the CEO of Digiresults which I personally use to promote my own products, to find a great resource to find very good affiliate products with high paying commissions.

Andy explains exactly the 9 buttons people can’t help but respond to asd he reveales the one simple question you need to ask to get customers buying from you again and again. He shows you how to improve your chances of closing a deal before you even begin to talk to a client..Digi Marketing Jedi explains 9 key principles that every online marketer MUST know :

Button #1:
How you can reap dividends from your customers with the tiniest investment

Button #2:
How to make yourself #1, and have your prospects hang on to your every word

Button #3
How to outsource thinking and make all those awesome comments work for you  by pulling in a load of new customers. Probably you are doing this already, but there are ways to do much better still.

Button #4
The key to making people fight over your offer like it was the last piece available.

Button #5
The possibly the most powerful undercover psychological warfare and how to make it work for you.

Button #6
How to make your prospects actively want to give you their money.

Button #7
How tiny change to your website are driving your conversions through the roof.

Button #8
How you can build a community that everyone wants to be part of  and how this can help to drive up your income curve.

Button #9
Satisfy this one desperate need amongst your prospects and you will soon see the benefit in a huge conversion increase.

That’s it!

The knowledge of these 9 key principles will enable you to put yourselves far ahead of all your competitors as you instantly are able to make your products and services more attractive with just three little words….

The Powerful Digi Marketing EbookYou even will be able to increase your conversions by raising your prices! Try it out and you will get the proof that your prospects will be scrambling to buy.

Use these proven tactics to pull in still m ore willing customers. That means, once you got it into a habit, you will be able to generate new income streams whith just every product you promote, by asking your prospects just one simple question.

I know, this sounds a little like much promotion. However this Digi Marketing Jedi Ebook is well worth this blog post. But if you want to set up a profitable online campaign and become a successful marketer, you should at least consider a glimpse at this powerful and to the point content.



How To Optimize Your Articles And Get Them Published

A Short Checklist To Get Your Articles Published Smoothly.

For all those who do article writing already on a regular basis these tips will be already known and hopefully followed.

If you are just starting writing articles about all the products and services you offer in your online niche, these writing tips can save you a lot of time and frustration.

So here is your article writing checklist with my tips:

  • Be precise with the authorship. Your article by-line and the name in the resource box must be the same.
  • Do only place 1 or 2 links in your article to achieve your goal – a click thru or sale!
  • Write precisely, straight forward and deliver detailed, informative and to the point content. This will ensure that your reader doesn’t click away.
  • Credibility is very important. Provide your own exclusive insights and comments. Do not just copy from someone else.
  • Keep a smooth structure and format to make it easy for the reader to get the key points of your article.
  • Your resource box is your best advertising place. Keep it short and to the point. Best direct your readers to your blog where you can deliver much more information and get still closer to a sale.
  • Keywords are your traffic weapon. Place them carefully and well placed in your headline and through the article. Keep it easy to read and avoid interruption of the smooth flow.
  • Try to write for a wide audience to improve your traffic and visibility.
  • Your anchor text links should well integrate in the text and look professional.
  • Spell-check your article, follow the writing rules like commas. Do not use capital letters or exclamation marks.
  • Every article directory has its own rules. Read them carefully and follow their guidelines properly. This helps very much to get your articles through fast.
  • Your links must be relevant to what you write and not mislead your readers to another product than the one promoted and fulfilling all the expectations you have stirred up.
  • If you write your articles in HTML format, check two times that it is properly formatted to help draw the eye.
  • If you describe a brick and mortar place, give the full and correct location, address and telephone number.
  • Make sure that your article stands alone and that the reader does not have to check further for more precise information he may want. This is your important chance to make a sale!
  • Chose a well balanced and keyword optimized headline.
  • Don’t use any special characters in your title. Be straight forward and use a capital letter for each word to make it more appealing. Make sure that it passes all syndication rules to get best exposure.
  • Always provide an article summary or conclusion. Be short, catchy, to the point. This is your last chance to attract the reader’s attention for even more information.
  • Do not write too long articles as people will click away. The best lengths of an article is between 500 and 800 words. Check the minimum/maximum rules of your directory.

Voila! If you follow these recommendations, you will enjoy article writing even more as you can see the success in huge traffic flows and resulting sales.

To facilitate your writing and to spin your articles you should employ the Mass Article Control Software which enables you with some clicks to rewrite your articles in up to 1000 new copies with all new synonyms and meanings. Just add some new text features and you are done. Then submit your new articles to as many directories as you can. The software includes this automatic feature.

Article to Video is then the next step to change your articles into videos. Check out this Free Article Video Creating Tool. If you need a no cost and very effective free article submitter click here.

I hope this inspires you and you get started with your article writing soon. It’s well worth the input to create a huge output of $!

Please leave a comment with your own experience. Thanks a lot.

Social Media Marketing The Right Way

Social Media is very popular but you need to do it the right way to get best results!

I recently read a very interesting Article by Chris Tompkins and he offers a very interesting and bullet proof strategy to set up your marketing at the social media sites correctly and with good rersults.

Here ist the full article of Tom:

“Social Media 101: Where Do I Start?”
by Chris Tompkins

As someone who specializes in the online marketing arena, I meet and chat with people everyday who are interested in using social media to market their business. Not a big surprise right? But what you might be surprised to learn, is many of these medium-to-large firms have a major problem: they don’t know how to start.

While social media marketing advice can be found on every corner of the internet, most of it doesn’t address this problem or offer ways to enhance or “reinvigorate” an existing campaign.

So in this article I want to push aside the “Go Get ‘Em Tiger”s and technical mumbo jumbo and provide you with a fool proof step-by-step 101 list to get your social media marketing campaign underway in no time flat!

Let’s dive right in:

Step 1: Write Down Your Objectives

The first thing you’ll want to do is really identify what you are trying to achieve through using social media to market your company. Keep in mind that more leads is not your only goal. Think about possible objectives such as; engaging your current customers/clients, offering better customer service, building brand recognition, getting more local exposure….these are the types of objectives that you should be looking at.

Step 2: Know Who Your Target Market Is

A social media marketing campaign that is laser focused has the ability to reap better results than a broad shoot campaign. You don’t want to waste time here wading through unqualified leads….you want the real deal. Make a list of 5-10 target markets that you want to hit and keep it handy throughout your campaign. Having this list will help you keep your “eye on the prize”.

Step 3: Look at What Your Competition is Doing on Social Media

Many of us do a competitive analysis when we put together our marketing plan….so why don’t we do one when we are developing our social media marketing strategy? Usually the easiest way to begin this exercise is to go to their website and follow their social media links from there. If you can’t find the links there, login to sites like Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter and search for their company name. When you find them, see what they are doing and if it is successful. Are they getting lots of comments? Do they use lots of graphics and design elements? Are they posting often? Taking a look at these items can even give you good solid ideas of what you need to do…and what you don’t need to.

Step 4: What Are You Going to Say?

This is one of the trickiest things to come by as many organizations don’t have a wealth of available info to share. If your company does – the battle is nearly over! If not, it has just begun. Make sure that you are able to come up with content that is timely, engaging, entertaining, thought provoking and educational…or one of those 5. Also, think out of the box! If I was a healthcare organization, I would go to the website for the medical association that is within my niche and share some of their updates and tips, as they would be relevant and interesting to my audience. Sharing is caring….not stealing! But content is king folks.

Step 5: Choose Your Sites

Once Steps 1 thru 5 are complete, it is time to choose the social media sites you want to start using in your marketing campaign. Every business is different and some will find success quicker on one site than the next. There isn’t a hard/fast rule on this (while many say there is). All of the sites are constantly evolving and making it easier for businesses to get involved everyday. The playing field has changed greatly over the past years (and even months!) and there is a spot for everyone on all of the social media sites out there.

Step 6: Find a Good Support Site

Search and find a site to help you manage your accounts. There are free sites out there such as HootSuite, TweetDeck, SocialOomph and others that allow you to track, search and even schedule profile updates on the fly. When you create your plan, these sites will make it a little easier for you to manage your overall campaign.

Step 7: Create a Daily Plan to Ensure Consistency

Plans save time and money and ensure consistency, which is key in a successful social media marketing campaign. Your daily plan should contain a combination of Steps 1-6 and have daily time constraints attached. Also make sure that you identify who will be the touchpoint for the communications that you get as a result of the campaign. For example if you have a marketing team of 5, decide beforehand who will be in charge of delegation and qualification of the leads, information requests, comments, etc.

Step 8: Create a Form of Measurement

This is tricky, so I would suggest waiting until after your first month of social media marketing. At this point you will be able to see what sorts of results come in: website hits, likes, comments, messages, leads, etc. Once you get a handle on this, you will begin to understand what gives you the best results. Create a quick spreadsheet and track these measures on a weekly basis. As all of the sites have wonderful archives, it makes it a cinch to go back through the week’s activity to find what you need. If you are going to use your website to track effectiveness, make sure that you have an analytics program installed that can monitor where your traffic comes from. If you don’t, Google Analytics is a free and easy option to use (and the results are tracked wonderfully).

And you are on your way! The best part about social media marketing is that it is an organic process that can change from time to time. Don’t forget to audit your campaign monthly to see if any of your measures or activities need changing or updating. Staying consistent, organized and informed will help you not only launch effectively, but promote your brand successfully.


With a passion for culture, marketing and online networking, Chris founded Go! Media International to help companies harness the power of the online marketing world in order to gain higher levels of online success.

Chris has been described as ‘driven’, ‘competitive’, even ‘obsessed with marketing’. But what a great benefit this is for his happy, successful clients who have referred to Chris as “forward thinking, “boundlessly creative”, and “technically savvy.” Chris’ marketing and technology chops were honed over the past 10+ years, gaining international experience and global proficiency in the UK, USA, South Africa and China, among other countries.

Currently he can be heard every week on his national radio show “The Social Media Chef” where every week he shares the latest info on two of his favorite topics: social media and gourmet cooking. Download the free podcast on iTunes.

A fundamental supporter of online marketing education, Chris regularly speaks at national and international conferences (sharing the dais with Google and YouTube as well as regularly being asked to speak at conferences in London, Brussels and around the USA).

Despite these accomplishments, Chris’ goals and desires have never wavered. He continues to devote himself to helping people understand how to leverage the power of social media to enhance their business.

In his own words: “I am always open to help anyone who needs real, honest, direct, no-nonsense advice. Isn’t that what it’s all about?”

For further information, you may contact Tom at