Your NEW and RELIABLE Payment Processor!

Paypal has been on a rampage, getting many who are
not even selling anything and who are not even our arena.

But! I finally found a wonderful replacement and I’m really
confident that this will work for all of us.

This site works perfect like Payza or P Pal before…

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The Biggest Challenges You Need To Overcome…

Have you ever thought about what your  highest challenges are to over come and become a successful person? Maybe not as it could create some pain to tackle them? Or are you curious which 7 challenges I found to be the most common? OK, here they are:…
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Are You Networking?

Networking is one of the most important tools if you want to succeed with your online business.

That means being present on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat, Linkedin and many other social Platforms. Also being an active email writer and blogger is very important.

But what does NETWORKING actually mean?

Wikipedia gives the following definition:

“Networking means the building and care of individual and professional contacts. Goal is to have a network of a group of individuals which are in relationship to each other, supporting themselves in private and professional matters, helping to co-operate without touching relevant benefits and performances of third parties like clients, companies, associations or the state”.

The main goal is to build long lasting relationships with real people. In essence people do business with other people they already know and whom the can trust.

However sometimes the advice falls on deaf ears. Heck I know I’ve ignored it over the years myself. And the reason why is because I forgot the critical aspect of building solid networks and that is the relationships with REAL people. The people is what drives business, and it doesn’t matter the niche or market…People do business with those they know like and trust.

Take a minute to reflect which channels you can use online to build relationships and grow your network. Beside the social media platforms already mentioned above, there are still many others (chose the 3 ones you are best at): Skype, personal one-to-one emailing (not autoresponder or mailer campaigns), article writing, blogging, being active in forums, etc.

There is one more ingredient to become a successful networking person: Leadership!

Start surrounding you with other successful and trusted people who already have achieved something you too want to achieve, i.e. having a better lifestyle, buying your dream car and pay cash, whatever it is…! Only if you are open to learn and copy from other success stories, you will become a successful leader too.

And there are some KILLERS to avoid in networking:

  • Always talking about yourself first
  • One-way information sucking from others (without giving back)
  • Plain selling instead of giving value first
  • Only get in contact if YOU need something
  • Talk negatively about third parties
  • Inform others first hand about your weaknesses and fears

It certainly takes some time to avoid mistakes and get better, refining your personal approach to others and in your publications. The main goal is to keep going and learn daily.

I highly recommend to get also started in learning by using a coach and mentor who will guide you around the cliffs. You need a system that includes all the essentials to become a better person, get online success and finally the financial reward.

Take a look at the Aspire System NOW!






Lessons from Abraham Lincoln

What Abraham Lincoln can teach you about failure. Struggling online? Is your road to success too bumpy? You can learn a lot from the curriculum vitae of Abraham Lincoln who has seen countless setbacks in his life but never gave up. And today he is considered one of the greatest U.S presidents of all time.
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Communication is the Heart Beat of Your Business

I suppose that you are somewhere engaged in an online activity yourself., i.e. social media (Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, etc.), email marketing, building an online business from home, crypto currencies, or some other online business. To build an online business successfully, you need to communicate and be active online every day. Don’t just send out mailings or posts on social media, and do not sell at first hand. But communicate with your followers! find out what their problems and worries are. Help them to stay positive and give them solutions. Build trust first before you guide them to your offer. 
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Monetize Your Weekend – Make 2018 YOUR Year!

I can offer you a System that really works, including a perfect sales funnel and personal coaching just to reach financial freedom as first priority.

And  joining that system could very well help you have everything as outlined above by the end of 2018 or even earlier. Come In And  Find Out How To Make THIS Year YOUR Year…
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Do You Know List Building?

One of the best ways to build your own list of subscribers very fast is to use Viral Mailers and PLR Products (ebooks, reports, software) which you adapt to your own name, using your affiliate links inside. Now there is even a good way to build your list without even having to pay for an auto-responder. Get started with Instant Profit Mailer and also Your Viral Mailer. These Mailers will store/host your list until you later add an integrated auto-responder like Aweber or Getresponse.  The leads generated there are all yours with all the rights to mail them or transfer them to another auto-responder.
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Your Invitation to San Diego MME

MME in San Diego represents a new way to help you grow your bank account, with training and strategies that simply work. This event will reveal the foundation for generating your passive income in today’s crazy and ever-changing world.
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Paid Traffic against Free Traffic – Pro and Cons

Today I want to speak about on of the most important ingredients of any online business: TIME. It’s one treasure every and each human being has the same amount of, i.e. 24 hours per day! But for some time is just used to get food and to survive while others have plenty of time and waste it sometimes for getting not much. 
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What was the last thing you did?

Many of the emails or blog posts I send out focus on trying to begin a conversation between you and me. Not a conversation to sell you something first hand, but to truly find out about you – what you are looking for and if I can help in any way AFTER I know about you.

So here’s the scoop – I get it!

I’ve been there!

Thank God I finally broke out of my shell and befriended a few people and started learning everything I could. I know where I’m headed – do you?

Here is what you do – Hit this Link – and simply answer a couple really quick questions and let’s have the beginning of a conversation.

1. Are you dreaming of earning extra income or possibly replacing a current income?

2.  a. What was the last program you joined?
b. Were you successful?
c. Did you give 100% of yourself to making it work?

3. What is your ideal solution to earning more income?

That’s it – let’s begin talking and learning how we can help each other.

Thanks and I can’t wait to hear from you!


Increase Leads and Sales with Paid Traffic

I wanted to come back to the one best paid traffic program I use and get over average results in conversion and new leads: MLMLeads…

My reason for using MLM Leads regularly is that only sales will create the income and lifestyle that I want to have.

If you are like me and spend a great part of your time with income-generating activities like…

* Posting ads
* Driving traffic
* Generating leads
* Making business presentations
* Following up with leads
* Asking for the sale

Then you need to ask yourself: “Is my rare time and effort spent generating the desired effect and creating the income I need?”

If you can answer YES – then continue and refine following the principle rinse and repeat.

If your answer is NO – then you need to re-define your focus and strategy, using tracking methods.

You can best find out by using MLM Leads for your lead generation and prospecting. Why not start still today?

In order to massively improve your online profits, take a look at the Aspire Coaching System. Use this link to get a $1 trial to check it out within the next 14 days. a personal coach will be at your disposal for all your questions.

I’m in – so should you!





Advertising Resources That Work Best

By using just FREE Advertising Methods you can get very good results. My first tip is TrafficLeads2Income where you can mail out to over 7000 active members. A great resource to get traffic, signups and sales to your advertisement. Personally, I’m a PRO Member of Referral Frenzy and I use each and everyone of the over 100 Mailers to blast out my mailings day after day within a time frame of about 5-10 minutes.
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