A Simple And Free Way To Skyrocket Your Search Engine Ranking

What are you doing right now, to extend your search engine ranking?

Well for starters, incoming links play an enormous role when it comes to placing high in the search engines. The more links that time to your site from different websites the better. To the search engines, each incoming link counts as a vote for your ranking. The upper a site ranks, the additional the its vote is worth.

It’s also important that these sites that have the same theme as yours. As an example, if your site is constructed around photography software, you’d want to urge your link on sites that house camera equipment or photography tips.

There’s a easy and free technique that you’ll begin using this minute to induce heaps of incoming links to your site. Once reading this text of course 🙂

Try this, open your favorite search engine and kind in the following phrase with quotations marks: “fishing” “add url” . Hit the search button and the results will turn up numerous sites that permit you to add your web site link to their directory.

Some of these sites can add your link immediately and a few might need a reciprocal link which suggests that you add their link to your site. Reciprocal links will also help your ranking by positioning you as an authority if you link to different quality, similar themed sites.

Apply this technique to you own site by substituting the keyword “fishing” with whatever keyword applies to you niche. To search out even more sites that permit link submission, fiddle with totally different combinations of keywords in between the primary set of quotation marks.


“soccer” “add url”
“football gear” “add url”
“fishing gear” “add url”
“hockey equipment” “add url”
“weddings” “add url”
“wedding merchandise” “add url”
“{golfing} equipment” “add url”
“{golfing} secrets” “add url”
“fitness merchandise” “add url”
“journey tours” “add url”

Next you’ll expand you search even a lot of by replacing “add url” in between the second set of quotation marks with different phrases like “add link” or “submit a url”. Get artistic and attempt every attainable combination you’ll assume of.


“add web site”
“add your link”
“add a link”
“add a site”
“submit url”
“submit a site”
“submit web site”
“submit link”
“link submission”
“suggest a link”
“suggest a url”
“recommended a site”
“counsel your website”
“link directory”
“cool sites”

As a facet note, sometimes these link directory sites can have another text link that you must click to seek out the submission form. In cases like this, rummage around for things like “click here to feature your website” or “add your url” etc.

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This program includes a very massive, each increasing variety of web sites already designed into it that you’ll be able to submit your link to. Using this program is a nice method to leverage it slow by letting the program handle all the dirty work of finding these sites and manually submitting to them on your own.

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