Another Gateway to the Subconscious Mind

William Wood, creator of the Max Performance Mastercourse has already given me many valuable thoughts and ideas about how our mind really works.

Now, in his third gateway  to the subconscious mind he talks about another insight:

It Turns Out Dogs Don’t Speak Human So Well…


You need to adopt the attitude and strategy of your dog first. Then it’s like magic! Yout dog will start to respond.

When you speak human to a dog, my dog didn’t learn. As soon as I got fluent in dog, my

dog started to respond.


It dawned on me that even though I had been working hard, I had been employing the wrong

strategy. You can work hard and not get any results if you have a bad strategy.

Bad Strategy + Hard Work = Failure .

Good strategy + Focused Effort = Results .

Change your strategy and instantly change your results.

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