Are You Struggling With Internet Marketing?

If you are like the average online person, you see promising offers, try several things out, get started with too many programs and finally end up in a mess of mails and how to do instructions you cannot absorb all at once.

That’s probably what makes it so hard for you to earn the envisaged online income with Internet Marketing. You are just jumping from one source to the other, spending a lot of time and money but not do not get results.

Are there solutions?

YES – Keep focussed and reduce your activity to just one project at the time!

Further, decide on a day time where you can work without distractions and concentrate on what you are doing. Avoid any unnecessary interuption. Try to spend some 2-3 hours daily and regularly within your set time frame.

Keep yourself going. Do not give in before you have a result (hard to do but a MUST)!

You will learn by doing. So don’t worry too much about thechniques and methods. But stick to your plan and avoid TV and other time consuming activities. However, do not forget your family. Be there and enjoy. Fill the tank and get to work on your project after that.

Create free time by not hanging around Facebook, Twitter or reading mailings that just steal your time. Unsubscribe or heavily reduce that to a maximum of 30 minutes a day (not more!). Also plan 2-3 dates per week for your free leasure time, but say definitively no when it comes to just a hang out. Do not let you steal your time.

To manage everything, plan your days, weeks and month in advance. Leave enough time for unforseen matters but keep focussed. Always plan your project and tasks first. Then your job and other very imortant matters, family and vacation, etc.

OK, that’s what I learned for myyself and today it’s really easy for me to follow it in that manner. It became my daily routine.

But to succeed online, building a list and get things promoted is key to your online success.

Right now you can start the perfect Listbuilding System with Kalatu using the $2 trial offer. For 14 days you can check everything to the full and decide to stay or quit thereafter. If you stay, it’s just $25/month, well worth your investment to buld a long lasting residual income online.

With Kalatu, you are getting more than an autoresponder; you are getting a Customer Relationship Management System (CRM) with audio email, video email, voice calling, and full analytics.  Your $2 access to Kalatu is HERE.

Here is a Demo Video on how Kalatu works, and all the features are well explained.



Just remember: People who succeed take action and get strated. They stick to the plan and learn by doing. But you need to take a decision to change something first. It’s in your head and your heart where success starts…

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