Auto Blog Feeder

If you have your own blog, you know how much work it takes to research and update good and honest content. Blogging is a great way to generate traffic, subscribers and customers that you can follow up with for a lifetime of profit. And a good blog creates tons of free traffic that you can send to any affiliate link, web site or sales page that you want.

How would it be to just automate this process and let it run unlimited time? It is possible with the new Auto Blog Feeder! You can watch new content beeing added to your blog every single day in any niche you choose for the next 8 years. And it takes only 3 Mouse Clicks! 

The new “Set It And Forget It” technology will automatically drip the feeds of fresh content into your blog. The sources can be article sites or blog content sites that offer tons of content that can be published under your name. You can also use articles from article directories and publish them with the authors name as a kind of “non-exclusive” guest appearance. The best one is

What if I further told you that this solution also posted the content to your blog automatically for years (if that’s what you want) while you sleep, hang out or vacation?

Auto Blog Feeder Is A Complete Solution…
The best part is that all you have to do is upload your content as text files to a folder on your web site and Auto Blog Feeder will detect it all automatically for use in Word Press and do all of the hard work posting on any schedule you choose all with 3 simple clicks of your mouse!

You truly have to see this thing in action to believe it! Signup now for the free 5 day e-course that includes the most important facts and details you must know about automated blog feed!   

What is included in Auto Blog Feeder?

– No Tech Installation – You have never seen a web based product that
  installs as easy as this one does. In fact, even if you have never
  installed a script, you can install this to your Word Press blog.

– Upload Text Files Simple – All you have to do to load content that
  is going to be published to your blog is upload text files with the
  content, articles or blog posts that you want published!
– Setting up content to be published at specific intervals for as long
  as you want and choosing the category takes literally seconds with
  this system even it it’s 2,000 future blog posts!

– Complete automation for as long as you want and you can setup automation
  that allows you to set and forget your blog almost forever, i.e. up to
  5 years or more in advance if you want to!

– Solid As Steel – This application was coded with rock solid, streamlined
  code so that there isn’t a bunch of crazy, out of whack files that make
  it run slow or clunky! Just rock solid software.

– Integration With The Best – This awesome tool integrates perfectly with
  your new and shiny Word Press 2.7 blogs in just a quick snap and pop

– Three Hot Bonuses together with your order at no charge

Auto Blog Feeder requires you to have a copy of WordPress 2.7 Installed On Your Blog. It has been tested to work with other versions of WordPress but it was created for WP 2.7

I recommend to take action and get started now to profit from this great tool right away!