Avoiding Black Hat SEO

Unethical methods that are used to get higher page rankings constitute black hat SEO techniques.Some types of black hat SEO techniques are unethical presentation of content to search engine spiders, breaking search engine rules and creating a poor user experience.

Black hat Search Engine Optimisation techniques usually only give short term gains in page rankings.If you are caught using these techniques on your website, there is a chance of the search engines penalizing you.A very popular SEO technique is keyword stuffing.

It is true that you need keywords in your articles and web content.The number of keywords that you can actually add to a webpage is however limited.Too many keywords, with nothing else on the site will eventually lead to search engines penalizing you.This is why you should not stuff keywords in your website and use them only wherever required.

The use of invisible text is another black hat SEO technique.To attract more search engine spiders, keywords are thus placed in white text on a white background.This isn’t actually a great means of attracting searchers or search engine crawlers.

Doorway pages are another black hat SEO technique, which is basically a ‘fake’ page that the internet user will never get to see.With this page, search engine spiders are tricked into giving your site a high page ranking.

Using black hat SEO techniques on your website proves to be very tempting.However, though they may give you high search engine rankings, remember that one day your site may get banned because of this.

As this is not worth the risk, practice using safe SEO techniques on your site.These safe SEO techniques can improve your page ranking; so stay away from any SEO technique that may look like black hat SEO.

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