Boost Traffic with Viral Link Tracker

Traffic is the lifeblood for any business and especially of your site. Viral Link Tracker transforms any URL or website link into a viral advertising power pack in seconds! Viral Link Tracker does a lot for your traffic and virally spreads your websites thousand fold.

What can you do with Viral Link Tracker?

• Start using it in minutes, with nothing to install
• Transform any link in 1 click into a “Viral Tracking Link”
• Earn traffic just by using and promoting your Viral Tracking Links
• Generate a constantly increasing flood of traffic to all of your sites
• Cloak any affiliate link and protect your commissions
• Track Signups & Sales Conversions for any link to any site

I started as a FREE MEMBER since I did not want to spend money before testing all the features and statements. Within 5 days I had more than twenty signups to my affiliate link and three upgraded within this downline. Since you get 50 % commission on every monthly subscription of $ 27.00, this earned me 3 times $ 13.50 and paid well for my upgrade. Because the program is so viral, it’s well worth to give it a try. Further you can send advice, marketing information and promotions of your best affiliate programs direct to your Downline, 5 levels deep. This creats further traffic results.

Your campaigns are set up with 3 easy steps: 

Step 1 – Transform any link into a “ViralTracking” Link.
Simply enter the URL of any link into the Viral Tracking Link Generator, add a description, check “Display Viral Ads” box, click “Generate new link” button. You can decide whether the now tracked link shall display the VLT ad or not. Also you can cloak any of your affiliate links with a simple tick in a box.

Step 2 – Create your ads to drive Traffic to your site.
Simply enter the ad content you want displayed into the Viral Ad Generator, add a title, check “Set As Active” box, click “Save Ad” button. You have all choices of Fonts, Colours, Pictures and Html. You can import the files or create them within Viral Link Tracker. For each Ad shown on your links, you earn 10 credits. So, the more you turn them, the more traffic you get, practically over night. Have more than 200 ads in rotation and generate over 10’000 credits every day….

Step 3 – Promote and use your new “ViralTracking” links.
Simply use the new links, and every time your Viral Tracking Links are clicked, the target web page is displayed followed by a small, user friendly, unblockable flying window on the bottom right that displays 3 ads and earns you 10 credits. The ads you created will then display on the flying ad when other members’ links are clicked! As long as you have credits (keep using and promoting your Viral Tracking Links) your ads will continue to display!

That is all you need to do to start earning free advertising for your sites and affiliate programs. VLT also offers excellent promo tools, a video tutorial, peeling ad html for free plus many other eye catching features you can use and put on your websites. The Support is fast, friendly and to the point. There is a Blog and a Forum too.

Just remember that it costs you nothing to begin using Viral Link Tracker, drive targeted visitors to your websites and deliver more sales and higher profits. I am very satisfied with the results of VLT therefore highly recommend this viral system.