Broadcast Your Expertise on Free IQ

I came to know this new program for idea sharing and it is something to consider for free traffic and marekting of your products. At Free IQ, the best content appears at the top of every search, based on actual reviews. Search for any topic – from business management to marketing to software to your favorite hobby – and see all the experts, authors and speakers on that subject.

In fact, other Free IQ users all over the world screen all the available information for you, so when you want to know something, the best video and audio presentations come out on top. And if you’re an expert,  author or consultant, you can upload your own ideas and products to Free IQ which hosts them for free, like books, courses, extended learning materials, seminars, coaching and consulting.

But the ones that come out on top are the ones that give the most valuable information for free. And you can watch or listen to entire presentations anytime you want. You don’t even have to register for Free IQ – just click to play and start watching or listening right away.

Later, if you want to give your opinion, write a review or leave feedback for others, just click ‘Join’ in the upper right hand corner to create a free account. And if you decide to buy more materials or consulting from an expert showcasing his or her talent on Free IQ, you’ll know what you’re getting because you have already seen or heard them talk and teach.

By broadcasting your expertise on Free IQ, you can generate publicity, interest and revenue by showcasing your knowledge in the Marketplace for Ideas at Free IQ which is attracting a world-class, information-hungry audience. Free IQ users search for free, valuable information as well as premium media products such as audio seminars, video webinars, ebooks, subscription newsletters and more.

With Free IQ, you can do – all for free:

Host and stream an unlimited amount of video and audio. Stream entire seminars, presentations, speeches, teleseminars, webinars and demonstrations with no limits on the length on Free IQ or your own web site.

Create your own mini-web site on Free IQ to display your own content or your collections and reviews of other experts’ content. Sell your premium media products (audio, video and more) through our huge network of affiliate marketers.

You only pay a small transaction fee on the sales you refer plus an affiliate commission when others refer sales to you. Collect email addresses from people interested in your content to build your opt-in email list. Deliver your premium media products to paid customers via online streaming.

To add your Free Content to Free IQ just choose a username and password –it’s very simple and it’s free!  As soon as you Join with the very simple 1-page signup for free, you’ll be able to:

Upload free content
Write reviews
Rank the reviews of others
Save content you like in your “Favorites” section
Use the “Forward to a Friend” feature

To sell content on Free IQ as a Content Provider or as an Affiliate, just complete the second page of the registration – that’s free, too!  Just Login and click the button that says “Upgrade account for free to add paid products” under the Free Products or Paid Products tabs in My Account Manager. As an upgraded member, you’ll be able to add paid content and sell premium media products.  You can also receive Affiliate Payments by referring other customers and content providers to Free IQ.  Click here to Join Now.

After your content is uploaded you can add your titles, descriptions and keyword tags, plus you can upload your photo, create your content descriptions, and change your display thumbnail or sample clip as you like.

FreeIQ is undoubtedly one of the most ingenious Web 2.0 sites to hit the Internet. A healthy mix of new media, internet marketing and affiliate program, FreeIQ has found a model that works for everyone.