The Essentials of a Productive and Powerful Online Business

Do you know the first step to tackle for building your successful online business?

Marketing, Mailing, Selling, Content Production (including PLR Products), etc?


That comes last.

But there is something else you should consider: Do everything to create an audience of people who “know, like, and trust” you.

To be successful in this, it requires these three steps to follow:

1. List Building the fastest way you can (Lead Capture Pages, Giveaways, etc.)
2. Motivating and Educating your list in a honest and open minded way
3. Monetizing your list by offering first class content and High Converting Offers

You see honesty, daily work and high quality content is key.

First, you need a great lead magnet as giveaway to bribe people to join your list. This can be a valuable free ebook, report or software product. Just imagine what you would give your email for.

Second, you need quality content for your emails and blog to educate and motivate your audience and new leads. You need them to want to do business with you.

Third, you need best quality information and products to sell to your list. This is when you start monetizing your list to make a living from this income.

If you are not so skilled to write and present all this content for yourselves, you can use High Quality PLR Products (Private Label Rights). With most packages you will get the ebook (PDF or Word), squeeze page, website, graphics, auto-responder mails, and a licence for what you are allowed to do or not.  You usually can modify, resell, or give it away as a lead magnet.

A BIG mistake many beginners make: Buy it and Store it on the Hard Drive to to later…

After 2 days you probably forget about your intention and the product will never be uploaded and serve as your list building instrument. Sad but very true, it’s just a waste of your money if you do nothing to recover your expenses!

My personal advice is to do one thing after the other, and not get lost in multi tasking and hopping from one product to the other. Better complete the work, upload it, test it and then start promoting on every channel you can.

One excellent source to gather leads is ReferralFrenzy from where you can reach over 100 Mailers with just some clicks. Just upload your mail text, select the mailers you want to use, click send for immediate or scheduled send. That’s it!

Another easy to use tool is ViralMailProfits which also tracks your statistics and has an auto send functionality.

Combine these 3 tools and you have a very powerful and effective machinery to get the results you want.

Finally, if your list grows, you need also some teaching and coaching to bring forward your business to a higher level. That’s when you may consider to get all the mentoring from 6 figure business builders who all have gone through the same hassles from the beginning. They act as your personal coach and will help you to  create the income you want to finally change your lifestyle to much more than right now.

My call to action: Do the step more, focus and get it done!

Check the Video to get YOUR Personal Coach


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