Cleansing To Become A Better You…

So, how can you cleanse out the past to become better (more focussed) to reach your goals and prosperity?


Sometimes your business needs to go through a cleansing to get rid of some leadership that has poisonous energy.

Sometimes you need to have cleansing inside your heart and let go of old visions and dreams to receive a new, bettter, more powerful dream that’s got your destiny written on it. 

Sometimes you need to get to rid of a relationship to step into a better one.

Sometimes you need to get rid of a job to really start prospering in your business.

Sometimes you need to cancel all out all the crap your relatives have told you in order to believe
in yourself and what you really can do.

After you have taken a decision and moved on to do what is necessary, you need to ask ypurself the next IMPOTRANT Question: What does the vision of MY future look like?

Then concentrate and do not do anything else until you accomplish what you have set as your next goal!  

Just make it happen!

Then it will happen…

You work at it, and work at it, and work at it, and work at it knowing not everything you try is going to work, but then all of a sudden you keep working, and working, and believing, and believing, and believing, and then all of a sudden it’s like God places a door there. You just turn the knob open and walk through and the blessing begins.

Read on how it will end up in this Daily Shortcut




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