Clickbank Ticker Review

Now you can create Affiliate Tickers with ClickbankTicker

Clickbank Ticker is a brand new and very profitable Clickbank related product and affiliate marketing tool. By using the Clickbank Ticker System, you can create any number of Affiliate Tickers. These are Horizontal Scrolling Affiliate Links just like a StockMarket Ticker. You can easily create and insert these tickers in your Websites, Blogs or Forums. The benefits of ClickbankTicker are manyfold:

    *   You can create multiple streams of affiliate income, promote
         Clickbank products, CPA Networks or your own products.

    *   CB Ticker prevents commission theft and automatically encrypts
         all your affiliate links.

     *   Your privacy is protected and your affiliate IDs are not
         displayed in the webpage source.

    *   Very easy to embed into any website including WordPress Blogs,
         Blogger blogs and Forums.

    *   No PHP, JavaScript programing or MySql Database experience
         are necessary.

    *   Search engines will not penalize you for using Clickbank Tickers
         on your site.

    *   Easily choose different Ticker width, height, colors, font styles,
         scrolling speed and direction to match your website.

    *   Insert any number of Tickers on the same page

    *   Tickers compatible with Internet Explorer, FireFox and other

    *   Copy and paste Affiliate links from other networks or add links
         to your own offers.

    *   A built-in Clickbank Marketplace and Search Feature makes it easy
         to to find and list relevant Clickbank affiliate products.

    *   Full control to choose relevant niche items in your Ticker.

    *   No other product on the market compares to ClickbankTicker.

You need only 4 easy steps to create an Affiliate Ticker and add the link of your selected Niche Product. Then copy and paste the code into your website and upload the website. Thats all to do and make it active immediately. The ticker links will not saturate your site with outbound affiliate links because all affiliate links are hidden in a Javascript code. You have full control to choose relevant niche items in your ticker.