Creating Positive Internal Representations

Do you know what an internal representation is?

The way you reproduce something you are experiencing in your mind – through pictures, words, self talk, feelings, tastes, smells, and the like.

When you are speaking with someone – EVERYTHING you are doing is creating certain images and experiences inside of the other person’s head – most of which are below your unconscious level of processing.

What you say can create images and experiences of love, power, confidence, prosperity, success, teamwork, satisfaction, or negative rememberance!

While promoting your own or affiliate product, don’t speak negative on the past or just about scams.



Talk about your mentors, great relationships, powerful contacts – great products you have decided to buy, good purchase experiences, being in the right place at the right time – the dream of the product – negating only the negative experiences with learnings.

Create associations with yourself that will help people GET RESULTS and CHANGE their perspective to something powerful, wonderful, and inspiring.

Your goal must be, to reach out to positive people and address them.

Such as…

  • people who are positive all the time
  • people who have resolved the issues in their past
  • people who have lots, and lots of money to buy
  • people who take responsibility for everything in their world
  • people who are confident in their decisions
  • people who buy lots, and lots of stuff, and love you for being the one who sold them

In the Empower Network, we aim to attract the positive category. Keep tuning into these Daily Shortcut Episodes, and you’ll see. 

The Daily Shortcut shares inspirational, motivational, and valuable content that forms positive internal representations in your mind and heart, as often as possible.

If you’re ready to lock arms and reap the benefits of the Daily Shortcut , join me on the path to creating a change in the marketplace. I want to help you create a better business while improving and developing yourself by applying these principles I alredy follow daily. 

With the Daily Shortcut, you can get the whole business in one place, all done for you, day after day! The Total Shortcut System which you can get still today and begin growing with me, experiencing a total life transformation in a faster and more powerful way.

Take a decision, get in NOW!


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