Do You Know List Building?

One of the best ways to build your own list of subscribers very fast is to use Viral Mailers and PLR Products (ebooks, reports, software) which you adapt to your own name, using your affiliate links inside.

Now there is even a good way to build your list without even having to pay for an auto-responder. Get started with Instant Profit Mailer and also Your Viral Mailer. These Mailers will store/host your list until you later add an integrated auto-responder like Aweber or Getresponse.  The leads generated there are all yours with all the rights to mail them or transfer them to another auto-responder.

Here is the roadmap I recommend…

Step 1: Choose the programs you want to start building your list in

Give attention to a high conversion rate, just chose the best converting ones. Such a selection will take much less traffic to generate new signups. Keep an eye on new program launches as they often have the highest conversions at the beginning.

As example. let’s assume that you choose Your Viral Mailer to start building your list.

Step 2: Get Your Referral URL and Swipe Emails Ready

For each program you are going to build your list, it is very important that you have your affiliate URL(s) and swipe email copies ready to be sent from all your different traffic sources (mailers, traffic exchanges, your other lists, paid traffic, etc.).

Step 2: Choose Your Traffic Generating Sources

First, I recommend to save time and use Referral Frenzy from where you can send out your advertisements with just some clicks to over 100 mailers at once. Once set up, this takes only about 5 minutes per day (you even can schedule 300 mailings in advance).

Another very useful program is Viral Mail Profits. Inside you can store tons of your email swipes and add all the mailers you are a member of. This is manually once but thereafter, you can copy and paste your mailings with some clicks. You will get full statistics of openings and conversions. A very efficient source too.

Referral Frenzy and Viral Mail Profits are also great list builders themselves as they are very present and viral online.

Besides select 10-20 sites that you want to use to generate additional traffic to send to your referral Url at the target site. Again: take the sites with the highest high quality traffic and conversion. If you are a member of  Your Viral List for example, you will get a daily updated list of the best converting sites. By choosing them you can multiply your traffic and leads generation.

It is crucial that you choose sites that generate high quality traffic. Eugene focused on the sites that have shown up in the Best Converting Traffic lists of many of the “Your Viral” sites. By doing this, he got almost twice the average signups for the same amount of traffic.

Step 4: Consistency

It is important that your online marketing presence is 24/7. That means do your mailings consistently and daily. Keep all your information in a spreadsheet in Excel to be well organised.  Google sheets online is an alternative. That way it takes about 30  minutes per day to send out your mailings.

Keep track of when you last mailed at each site and when you can mail again. Try to not miss any mailing intervals. If you can mail every 2 days, always make sure that you do. This is all organised within Referral Frenzy but also Viral Mail Profits will show you when and to which mailer you can mail again. Use these tools to get best results and being present online all the time. It will pay out very soon in new leads, sales and commissions.

Step 5: Chance and variate Your Promotions

Usually your affiliate programs are providing different email swipes and even bonuses for you to promote. When signup bonuses are offered, make sure you talk about them in the emails you send to safelists like Target-SafelistSafelistPro and Herculist for example.

Do not just use the swipe mails as you get them from your program. Change the subject line and text to make it “yours”. Very important if you use safelists. Then change something daily! A good idea is also to tell the readers about how many signups you have and how well the program is working for you.

It’s that simple.

Just pick a program and drive lots of high quality traffic. Many signups will be the result.

To leverage your effort, it is also a good idea to upgrade to premium membership in some of the sites which perform best for you.  You the get usually free credits daily or monthly (instead of clicking for them, reduced timers, daily sending option instead of every 3 or 5 days, random referrals, and more. It’s worth to check as this generates more free time for you to even push more out per day.

Step 6: Tracking results

To better know where your traffic and signups come from, you should use a tracking program. I personally use for many years and it shows me exactly whats going on on my sites and where I have to push more to get better results.

Step 7: Leverage your time and income

Once you are in profit with your list which generates sales and commissions for you, you should start your 2nd income leg. Use a system that offers learning, as well done sales funnel, proven websites and capture pages that convert highly. finally you should take profit of mentoring and coaching. Spend half of your income from your mailings to invest into the Aspire System. Inside there are 18 learning and coaching steps you can follow. Thereafter you are ready for the next marketing step to generate some $3000 to $10,000 of residual income, depending on your consistency and the will to follow the system properly.

Take a great look – You can test the Aspire System for just $1 (link show up after the 7 minute video) and get all the learning and coaching for 14 full days (a value of over $1000). Thereafter it’s just $37/month to generate more leads and boost your income.

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