Do You Know What To Do?

This is part 2 of Tracey Walker’s story. 


How many of you guys honestly do not know what to do, therefore you’re not doing anything?

In your mind you don’t know what to do.

Is that you? Do you know what to do in your business, but you’re not doing it?

What holds you back from “doing what you need to” in life or business the most?

Some of you guys are brilliant, you know stuff, but what you know doesn’t pay you. It’s not about what you know, it’s about what you do with what you know.

What if you don’t know a lot?

If you’re working a job, what happens is that you have to know everything, you have to be the go-to person, you have to be super astute because the moment that you demonstrate you don’t know something it’s almost like you suck at your job and then you either get passed up for a promotion or whatever is going on in the bureaucracy of that system place. All this nonsense goes on.

Reflect: What is it that YOU really like doing? 

Write it down and concentrate on these things and you will find out that out of a sudden you get rewarded for what you know.

Listen to the full story here!


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