Dominate Google’s First Page SEO Tutorial

This is a short Tutorial about How to Optimize your SE Rankings

Here is a great selection of SEO tools and tricks:

Dominating Google’s First Page
Out of 10 results in the first page, 9 are articles from the same author,syndicated on different websites. The last result is a YouTube video, which is something Google tries to include in every result page. In fact, for this particular search term, the 2nd, 3rd and 4th page of Google are mostly dominated by the same article. Interested to know how it’s done?

Free SEO Tutorial (Part 1) – The Fundamentals
You can check out this free SEO tutorial series and I hope this free tutorial series will be of great use to you and give you a clear idea how to get your website rank top in Google search engine. Read Part 1 here…

Common SEO Mistakes – Free SEO Tutorial (Part 2)
In this article, I’m going to document some important SEO mistakes that I
came across. Visit this page regularly because I’m going to update it from time to time. Whenever I come across a new mistake that worth noting, I will list it here. Simply avoiding these mistakes can drastically improve your search engine ranking. Let’s start with the most common mistake of all…

SEO Link Building – Free SEO Tutorial (Part 3)
In this tutorial you will learn all and everything you need to know about SEO link building, including ways to build backlinks and common questions you may have. Let’s go through some fundamentals…

How To SEO A Website From Scratch – Free SEO Tutorial (Part 4)
Here you learn how to SEO a website from scratch, with a step-by-step guide that you can follow. But before “forget about how to SEO a website”. You can never SEO a website! You SEO a web page. When every web page on your website is optimized for search engine, the website is considered optimized. It’s important that you understand the difference. Now go to the step by step guide…
Common SEO Myths – Free SEO Tutorial (Part 5)
In this part some of the common SEO myths are discussed that are pretty important and you should be aware of. Without further ado, let’s start… 

SEO Case Study – Free SEO Tutorial (Part 6)
This is the last episode. The best way to sum up this tutorial series is to give you an SEO case study of successful website.  A good example I can think of is Unless you are very new to the IM industry, you should know about Ezinearticles. You probably also know that their articles get very high ranking in Google search results. But why?