Easy Offline Cash

Every day local small business owners need to promote their offers and are seeking fast help to put up a website and get noticed by the market fast. Usually they have a great understanding of their business and how to organise their sales campaigns, promotions and customer events. However they lack short term and professional help to set up their online presence.

Here you can come in and fill this gap, offering to set up their internet presence, website, promotions and newsletters. If they already have a website, they almost for certain lack SEO. And yes- you can do this! Do not have fear of technical stuff or missing knowledge. Just imagine what you do online every day, even as a newbie. You know how to use a computer, what websites are better than others and how to upload your files to the host. Setting up an autoresponder is also not too difficult. And the SEO tricks are included in the Easy Offline Cash package.

And voilĂ  – you are able to offer the small business owner a fast and ready made solution. Put your knowledge together with the “Easy Offline Cash” tool and you are able to start your own home business in this niche very fast and with practically no investment. Every help and information is included to get you off and running fast.

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This Money Making Business Builder Package comes fully packed with:

  • The “Easy Offline Cash Report”, with easy to understand step by step directions that show you how to earn hundreds of dollars from local business owners.
  • Helpful and informative Videos that show you exactly how to perform each of the simple tasks in the Easy Offline Cash Report.
  • An appealing and highly converting website with a lead capture page designed to earn you money.
  • A money making Video with the voice of Todd Gross for your website that practically forces business owners to take action.
  • An informative and sales focused special report that practically does the selling for you.
  • Business cards, PPC ads, online ads, newspaper ads, keywords and everything else you need to get clients and make a great first impression.
  • So all you finally need to do is look around in your region, spot potential businesses, contact their owners, offer them your best services and a fast, ready made concept and soon your own website and SEO business starts to grow and is expanding.

Take the chance and good luck!