Exit Splash Review

How to incredibly increase Sales and Leads.

Are you stuck with slow growth and little conversion? Driving traffic from almost everywhere and no results or only scarce harvest in sales or subscribers? Is it this what you are doing?

Imagine: when adding some special elements to your website would increase your sales and profits considerably. A conversion rate of 3-4 % is already great. This means that out of 100 visitors only 3 or 4 really stay and buy something.

But what about the other 96 % who left?
They are gone, never coming back probably!

The most proven and usual solution to get more sales is to capture leads through your Squeeze Page put before your actual sales letter. You then politely follow up the new subscirbers with more information and offers in order to get more sales later….

That is the old way to do it! Now there is an even better solution to maximise sales and conversion. That is when Exit Splash comes in with a simple script that starts working very hard for you. The result: you will get many more subscribers just from the same effort and traffic as before.

The script automatically makes a second offer to your website visitor before they leave and you can get more subscribers in that way. Later and once they have signed up, you have the chance to recover even more sales through your email well worked out and smoothly promoting marketing campaigns.

This tiny Exit Splash Ready Made One Time Offers Script allows you to monetize from what otherwise would have been “wasted traffic”. Think about it! In the worst case you draw the attention of your website visiter twice to your arguemtns and offers. If you put interesting promotions before their eyes, they will almost for certain stop a second or two to read on, click a link  or sign up for the free presell offer you have placed…

Another clever way to increase your sales is the use of so called One-Time Offers (OTOs). They are placed right after your visitor hase turned into a buyer with the first product. Right after the first purchase, which is the door opener, you invite your new customer to buy an upsell .

This tactic works extremly well and you can see additional conversion rates of up to 20 % from the front-end products. And as from today, you do not need to put together your OTOs with much work. Exit Splash is your shortcut now! I only recommend to try it out and get this first class, ready-made One-Time Offer packages soonest possible.

There are many self speaking Audios and Video Testimonials on the website. Please go there and listen into it. It is just too much to comment here.

I hope you will start to increase your profits very soon. Please leave a comment about your experiences and what worked better or less for you with Exit Splash.