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SEO Backlink Marketing Is Great If Done The Right Way!

Since Backlink Building is quite a tedious and time consumeing work, I tried to find a way to get the top ranking Directories all on one list from where I could submit my websites then. I failed because there were just too many fantastic sources!

But the work was done and I thought to offer my readers the result of my search here on my blog.  It is just a small fraction of what’s possible but these are the same resources I use daily any time I create a new back-link campaign. Here is only a small selection:

You will not only save time but also financially as most of these directory sites offer at least a free submission and often a paid option for faster and deeper linking. You must check it out for your needs.

First, I recommend to use Backlink Watch which is a simple site where you can put in any URL and it will return you a list of any backlinks you get to thie site. This is very cool as you can concentrate to link to high ranking and popular sites only.

Do follow Submission Sites
I have put together the above list of first class and high ranked directories for my own daily promotional needs. I suggest that you put all these links into your daily to do Excel sheet or save them otherwise.

Then submit your sites regularly at least twice a month, eventually with a variation of other or still better keywords and description.

Make it a habit to submit to 3 or 5 different directories at least twice a week. Submit all your own URLs, but no affiliate links. Voilà, you just ignited your free automatic traffic machine…

Directory of Directories
This is a list of over 500 directories and you can sort them at your liking and needs.

And here is another site from where you can find any blog you want. It lists over 18’000 different directories!

Or this one – Best-Web-Directories – is also very cool…

SEO Tutorials
If you are looking for some quality reading material and need a primer on back-link building, check this out!

Finally, make sure you have all of the tools you need to set up your entire back-link system, including:


SEOQuake (Firefox plugin)

Directory Submitter and Article Submitter

And if you really want to ramp up your back-link campaigns, you’ll want to check out Proper SEO to (really professional and worth the money!).

I also recommend to check and use Keyword Spy and Seo Elite. A very professional and affordable all in one online business and SEO solution is Sitesell.

I hope this post is helpful and if you have any comments, please feel free to tell me what you think.

A good starting point to learn and understand Backlink Building is the Get More Backlinks Ebook.