Free Website Signatures

Did you ever wonder how to create a real signature on your website or blog to make your wording and posts more trust worthy or give them just a nicer and personal touch?

I found a nice little program which lets you create your own personal signature for free, simple & easy!

You do not need to register to create your signature. However to have all your different signatures in one place, to gain access to free downloads and plugins, I recommend that you sign in for a free account.  You then also can manage orders and access settings, get special pricing, discounts and offers on different signature art products. With the MyLiveSignature tool you can

– Create a new signature using our wizard
– Draw a new signature on your screen
– Download a signature
– Generate code for using a signature
– Order an animated signature
– View the order status
– Visit the download and plugins page

What is a signature? It is your name written in your own handwriting. Using signatures is a simple and effective way to make e-mail messages, blogs and websites more stylish, underline their individuality and get the author’s energy across.

You can also create animated signatures that give the real impression that the author is signing right in front the reader’s eyes. MyLiveSignature offers you everything necessary to create both static and animated signatures and add them to your email messages, to blogs, to your posts on forums and on websites.

There are three ways to get your signature:

1. Imitate your signature yourself using the step-by-step signature
   creation wizard.

2. Imitate your signature yourself using the on screen signature draw widget.

3. Write your signature with a pencil, pen or a felt-tip pen on a sheet of
   paper, scan the sheet and let the designers of MyLiveSignature create the

Finally you chose the filed signatrue and download it to your computer for future use. Just right-click the signature and select «Save Picture as…». From now on, you can use the saved signature to sign your e-mail messages, blogs and websites.

Beside the free wizard to create imitated signatures, MyLiveSignature has also moderate prices if you order a realistic signature from a scanned image ($9.95) or a signature animation ($19.95).

What are you waiting for? Click here to get your free signatures now!