Frugal Living Articles

I want to share these very interesting articles which I recently found…

Living a frugal lifestyle can take a lot of time.  If you’re baking your own bread, making your own biscuits, and slowly simmering homemade spaghetti sauce, you know how much time that all can consume.  Are there times when shortcuts are good, and can even still be frugal?  Click on the link here to read a very informativ e article that will get you thinking a little differently about some of those convenience foods we usually try to avoid, but maybe shouldn’t:

And, speaking of convenience foods, having a supply of black beans on hand can really get you out of the kitchen super fast.  They’re easy to use, are versatile, and good for you.  If you have never cooked with black beans, you’ll want to see just how many ways there are to serve these delicious, nutritious beans. If you’ve served black beans quite a bit and are running out of ideas, you’ll want to click on the link below also:

Dried herbs may be considered another “convenience food” since they take no cleaning or chopping to use.  But the price of herbs in the store can be shocking.  If you have your own little herb garden, you can turn those fresh herbs into dried herbs with a few easy techniques.  Why not preserve your very own herbs and save money.  Plus, you know they’re handled properly when you do the handling!  Click on below to see how you can easily create your own dried herbs:

Let’s stay on the subject of convenience foods for just one more minute.  We seem to go through a lot of drinks during the summer months.  How expensive is it in your house to keep the refrigerator full of refreshing beverages?  There are a few tips I’d like to share with you here.  Just click on the link below: ns.htm

How are the watermelons in your region?  Ours are splendid this year.  Besides just slicing and eating them, we’ve been making all sorts of recipes.  One of our favorites is this watermelon drink.  Click on the link below and enjoy this refreshing, and healthy beverage:

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