Gather – The Somewhat Other Social Networking Site

Considerably Increase Traffic and Conversion with this Social Networking Site

Not yet as popular as many other well known social networking sites, Gather is a somewhat different and special networking place. It is loaded with rich and highly educated prospects. For that reason, this is just the highly responsive networking spot any internet marketer can only dream of. In its own words Gather is a “place where informed, engaged people share perspectives on everything”. Please consider some of the main facts:

=> At least 75% of the members have a college or higher education.
=> A majority of the members fall within the powerful 30-60 age group.
=> More than 80% of the site members earn a $50000 annual income.
=> These members enjoy working, good living standards, and spending.

This means, all these active people will almost for sure be responsible for high quality traffic to products and offers they want and can afford. The range covered will be from education of their children, health and wellness, travel, real estate to financial products and hobbies.

So do not ignore this freely available resource!

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