Get Your Free Website Every Month

Free Monthly Websites and a Premier Membership

Yes that’s right! You can get a great, nicely crafted and traffic pulling website every month for a specially selected theme and niche. With Free Monthly Website you own a 100% unique site each and every month that takes only some minutes for you to set up.

FreeMonthlyWebsites gives you the chance to download your very own and free website every month, without any catch and strings. The site is owned bvy John Thornhill and you can be sure that he wants you to see the quality of his products which are worked into these free websites.

Once you realise the power of these quality prodcuts and start to earn an AdSense income, you will certainly be back for more and then you may consider purchasing further sites/products from John. Each and every month you will be able to download your very own content rich website absolutely free of charge.

Include your Clickbank and Adsense codes, upload all files and start earning. Then promote your sites. You are only limited by your own imagination. What you will receive from FreeeMonthlyWebsites:

– Your very own professionally designed website

– Exclusive entry to The Download Area!

– Free access to our Internet Marketing Tools and Promotional Content.

– Your very own AdSense website every month! That’s a new subject every
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It’s like a helping hand and all prepared by John who is a very successful internet marketers for years already. So take it and learn from him! Once a member, you can profit from his newsletter and many more free advice.

If you get so satisfied and excited with the free sites, you can consider to apply for the Premier Membership. This is the list of added features offered exclusively with the Premier Membership:

More content
Every month you get 20+ pages of private label content and you now have the chance to own your very own content rich website that will earn you money for years to come!

Private Label Rights
Yes, you can edit the website content anyway you wish, even the articles themselves! This enables you to have a website that is 100% unique and exclusive to you!

Premium Graphics
The graphics for the premier websites are of superior quality with a highly professional touch. The graphics can also be edited using the easy edit feature. This again gives your website a 100% unique site header name. You only enter the text you wish and this will appear on your banner.

Easy edit feature
With the included easy edit feature you only need to fill in a few simple text documents and you can edit the name of your site on the header, sub-header, change your adsense, CB Rotator, clickbank and Free Monthly affiliate codes plus many more options in just a matter of seconds. There are also many more cosmetic options that you can change if you so wish to give your website a much more unique feel.

Search Engine Optimization
Optimize your Website and hit the top page rankings with the easy edit features supplied. No HTML knowlege needed! All you need to know is how to edit a simple text document.

Raw files supplied
You will also receive the source PSD graphic files and web pages. This gives you even more power and control over your premier websites.

Bonus content supplied each month
Each month you will receive additional bonus premium content. This could be extra graphics, websites, tutorials, private label content, eBooks, etc. This bonus content alone will more than cover your monthly fee.

The chance to suggest future niche subjects
Do you want a website built around a particular niche? Make a proposal and Free Monthly Websites will do it’s best to supply it.

Ready to go?

I am sure you will like it. Remember that beside the fully operational websites you also get the Private Label Rights on all the content, articles and ebooks. A wealth of useful stuff to use for many other information products like Blog posts, Aricles, Squidoo lenses, review sites, eCourses and much more. Be creative and put your name on it. It’s that easy!