Happiness for a Better Life

Have you ever felt to be in bad mood when you get up in the morning? Do you need too much time to get running and functioning at high speed? Do you need many coffee breaks? Off course, sometimes everybody has a hang through phase, be it after a lot of work, long time school or study, boring work or what ever.

I have thought a bit about how to improve the small things of life to the positive and how to get up with a great smile every morning. Actually I just reflected what I am doing for years and which helped me through many difficult situations. Funny enough, to get up positively in the morning has its roots in the evening before and how you go to bed. That is what I do:

After our work day, Eliane and I sit down for a short while just talking to each other about the nice and frustrating things we encountered over the working day. Then, while she prepares a small meal, I help her with some jobs to be done in the household, going to the cellar for milk or what else is needed. After the meal, often together with our adult children, we do no more speak about business but about our dreams, holidays, the book we a re reading, etc. Now it comes: we go to bed with an absolutely positive feeling and mind.

The alarm clock rings! There it is very important to get up slowly and with a first and positive thought. This is easy since I already slept with a positive mind, so I just restart where I left. Be not hectic, enjoy the shower, look out of the window, see the birds, the sunshine, enjoy your life. Go on to have joy the whole day!

My conclusion and recommendation:

– Chose to be happy, be grateful
– Avoid bad news and stress
– Manage your time well, do not waste it, it’s just too precious
– Laugh heartily, this is medicine
– Express your feelings and passions
– Work hard but not to exhaustion
– Enjoy your achievements and accomplishments
– Learn something new everyday, broaden your horizon
– Exercise your mind, soul and body, feel alive, eliminate depression
– Find Inspiration and success, be enthusiastic
– Take some minutes for meditation and religion

Following these simple but powerful small steps every day will increase your health (mind and body) dramatically. If you learn to avoid negative exposures, enjoy what you feel and what is around you, you are set for a long and prosperous life. Start reading motivational books.