How Does Creation Work?


The 5 Laws to positively follow are:

1 – Inspiration – Get inspired about something MASSIVE and cool. Get information into your mind daily! Take the time, use the resources, let your mind open to inspiration.

2 – Faith – State what you’re creating with a complete knowing that it will happen. It is not just believing. Faith is evidence in the spirit of what hasn’t happened yet. As you are speaking it, know it will happen and as you know it, allow the fire inside your soul to light up your spirit as you speak to the dimensional existence of space time. “Let there be light” (replace ‘light’ with your particular empowering outcome).

3 – Continue doing that with new inspired visions you create as you stare into the universe, calling forth the power of the future in your heart and mind and creating — speaking, and imagining new and beautiful things.

4 – All of your energy then continuously points in the direction of your visionary creations… taking every possible action available, utilizing every possible resource, exploring every possible path of manifestation as you continue taking action and speaking new things.

5 – As you find yourself stepping into the things… that you’ve forgotten about that you dropped into the dimensional energy of space-time through your faith and your words — remember, be thankful, and enjoy the new life you’ve created… as you continue creating, speaking, and realizing that you are indeed just that – In his image.

And that, my friend, is beautiful.

Just. Like. You.

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