How it feels to be disappointed…

I assume that you are a person working hard to get results. something that rewards you for the input of time, work and money, right?

Well, I know exactly how you feel when just nothing happens due to lack of results.

Sometimes it’s only unrealistic expectations that set you up for failure. Maybe you plan is not concrete enough or you worked with the wrong tools. There are many possibilities and it’s different for each individual.

Also many programs make it sound like you won’t have to do much to earn a lot. However REALITY is different and might be like this:

  • 15% of your referrals will never verify their accounts. This is something I personally cannot understand: Why take the time and effort to join a programĀ  and then not even look at it?
  • 60% of your referrals will log in once and never return.
  • 20% will start to promote the program for a while until something more shiny comes along or they give up because they’renot getting the results they expect.
  • 5% will upgrade, will stick with the program, will promote it regularly, will get upgraded referrals and earn

It’s these 5% you must be looking for, communicate with them and build a team for even more success. The more motivated people working on the same goal, the more profit in the future.

To succeed in marketing, persistence is essential. It’s easy to get discouraged but the biggest favor you can do for yourself is to keep doing it. Then you will succeed where others fail. That’s YOUR Key to Success!

Aspire here for the Best Key to Success – Including Personal Coaching and Team Building!

It’s entirely up to you if you choose to make use of it but if you do, you will be giving yourself the best possible chance of success.

Even so, you should expect to get discouraged again sometimes. Just remember, persistence is the key to success!

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