How To Attract A Mentor For Life

Having a mentor is absolutely one of the most important, fundamental concepts that can both help you reach new heights of success in your business and life, and can help you crack the ‘secret code’ to unbelievable, massive growth and duplication in your business.

Nevertheless, it’s probably the most ignored strategy in the world of online businesses and internet entrepreneurship, whether you’re in network marketing or not.

In today’s Daily Shortcut, Dave Wood points out the REAL facts :

« If you want to be at the TOP of your game, you MUST be willing to be coached »


A great mentor is there to always help keep you on track. A great mentor is good at identifying the strength of the players, and at helping people improve skill sets that they don’t even have themselves. The most important thing that a mentor can do, however, is to help you focus and on the right track, and hold you accountable to the things that you agree that you’ll do together.

Your mentor will put in place a structured accountability and coaching program for those people in your team who are willing to be accountable and follow instructions.


The biggest roadblock usually is that new members dont know what to do next .

How do you get YOUR Mentor to teach you?

What is your part to do?

If you want the attention of a great mentor, bewilling and ready to learn, be a sponge, and be willing to take action and be accountable.

Don’t argue but be willing to listen and correct your direction, even if you don’t completely agree – because chances are a great mentor can see things in you that you don’t yet see.

Some ideas to reflect :

1) Track everything you actually do.

For example : How much you’re spending on advertising, how many leads your generating, your landing page conversions, etc. Always remember – WHATEVER you track you can improve , and whatever you don’t track, you can’t improve.

2) Have a clear intention with your coaching sessions.

You want to set a specific, tangible, measurable goal that you would like to achieve in your life. It’s easier to steer a moving ship – and if you know exactly where you’re headed, your coach will be more able to guide you.

3) Dont whine to your mentor.

They don’t need to hear your whining to guide you, they need to see what you’re doing, not doing, and the result that you either got or didn’t get, so they can help create specific course corrections in your business.

4) Be willing to follow through.

That means a willingness to take direction and complete ALL of the assignments that your mentor gives you, no matter what it takes.



When someone shows up in your life who is willing to take their time, knowledge, energy, and effort and POUR their heart and soul into you – thank your lucky stars, God, or whoever it is for you and be willing to go to the ends of the earth – because NOTHING will help you more in your business life than someone who is willing to take the time, no matter what it takes – to help you reach your goals.

And if you want to transform your results in your business – be willing to coach your team, and take things to a whole new level… 

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