How To Become A Trusted Advertiser

Imagine a world where your prospects believe the things you tell them. Where you are trusted  and followed, like the leader you want to be.

Yes, the truth is somehow different though.

In this Daily Shortcut Episode, Dave Wood lays the focus on email marketing as these principles also apply to social media networks, or just about anywhere you’re connecting with your prospects.


To be successful with email marketing today, you absolutely need to implement the ‘ trusted advisor model ’.

Over the last couple of years marketing has evolved greatly, and it’s continuing to move on.

However, theres been a complete loss of trust.

People simply don’t believe that marketers have their best intentions in mind and, as a result most subscribers barely open emails from these marketers.


Because the marketers  haven’t evolved in their marketing. They haven’t adapted to the new climate of the digital world.

Most marketers are still building lists and hammering them with affiliate offers every week. And this is totally wrong!

Maybe you are on the same pattern and it’s here where Dave can get you to lear the right strategy and get out oft he trap.

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  1. Love your post Martin. Very creative and well thought out. I am glad I am able to view it. You have all the possibilities covered.

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