How To Best Profit From Traffic Exchanges

Your Quick TE Action Plan… 

…to profiting from Traffic Exchanges

I personally use many Traffic Exchanges to promote my splash and squeeze pages for various products. To be present and building a list with new prospects is a very essential task and just necessary to build up your online income. Here are my recommendations how to get the most out of your traffic exchange programs:

1. Upgrade your account
Yes it costs a little money but you will much more power and you will not leaving a lot of money on the table if you take this first step.

2. Complete your downline builder
Every TE program offers a downlien builder where you can put in your own affiliate links for the promoted programs. So all your lreferrals will join these affiliate programs under you. You will be pleasantly surprised at the amount of passive income and traffic
you will generate from this. It only takes 10 minutes of your time.

3. Take part in the weekly contests
Most traffic exchanges offer contests on a daily, weekly or even monthly bases and you can get rewards for promoting your splash pages and main referral link on other traffic networks. Also cash or credit prizes are offered.

4. Build your referral base
Make full use of all the promotional tools and links offered in your members area. Promote on PageSwirl Ad Coop, Intellibanner, blog posts and with Link Rotators. Be creative, spread your links everywhere possible to get more sign ups. Often you also get random referrals with your upgrade.

5. Join several TEs and surf daily!
Make it a habit to surf your TE programs on a daily bases. I have organised my TEs in groups of about 20 tabs and I take one group every day ans surf about 100 to 200 sites on each Traffic Exchange. This takes about 40 minutes.

To see the best performing TEs go to Free Traffic Echange List.

Another good source to build your downline is TopTE where you can vote for your favourite traffic exchanges and at the same time build your downline fast. Check it out – it’s free!

Also Traffic Exchange Command Post is a great tool where you can manage all your traffic exchange advertising from one place! You also earn commissions on all upgrades and purchases from your direct referrals. To start building your downline you can grab tons of promotional tools.

To track your traffic results join ClickTrackProfit for free. You also need this cool program to get your earned badges and surfing rewards later. So join right now.

6. Stick with it
If you keep your surfing going daily, you should start building 1-5 new referrals PER DAY. Keep your banner ads, text ads and hits flowing from the recommended traffic sources. You will start earning commissions and start building downlines from the various downline builders.

7. Expand your promotion to other networks not listed 
By opening up into new areas and markets you could be locking
into a huge gold mine of new downline members. Use all social sites and backlink possibilities. One great source to drip feed these markets is SocialMonkee which is very effective and saves a lot of time. You will get at least 25 new backlinks every day!

This traffic action plan will get you results fast in referrals and commissions. Also do not forget to promote one or several quality lead capture pages or splash pages at all your TEs to gain extra income for whatever product or site you want to promote in the future. A great source for ready made products and eye catching websites is ViralPLR and Resell Rights Mastery which are both free to join and deliver higest quality.


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