How to Boost Your Personal Brand and Income

You hear it time and time again – Personal Branding is essential to Online Success!

Building your personal brand online will not happen suddenly, it takes time, effort and consistency.

You need to develop trust, build relationships and provide value daily to your customers and in turn, they start looking to you for advice and business information.

This is what it takes to do, and – did you notice? – DAILY, High Level and Honest.

Over the time, the ball starts rolling and in the eyes of your followers you become an ‘expert’. People start to trust your advice and they will start to come to you themselves for your opinion and reference.

But to get there is not as easy as it sounds. Reputation takes time!

Here are 3 starting points on how to build your personal brand daily – all for free:

1) Bookmark and visit 3-5 of your favorite blogs

Read the content carefully and make positive and honest comments. Other people are looking for  folks that comment and are active daily. This shows them that you are someone to pay attention to!

2) Visit forums like Net Marketing Forum daily

Make comments related to the questions and the content there. Such comments are spidered by the search engines daily. That means, free, laser targeted and potential traffic from  search engines. The more comments you place, the more traffic you get. You will also add a lot more value to NMF!

3) Create content daily!

This means commenting on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and other social sites daily.  Share and re-tweet what is of interest to you, likes are also important. Off course writing a blog post or shooting a short video on YouTube would also help. In essence, sho others that you are active and taking action – Be VISIBLE!

And the best is, these tasks don’t cost a penny to you. However, you need to be persistent and it takes some of your time.Your investment is time now and the reward will later be reputation, sales and an ever growing online income.

Make it a part of your daily duties. Get into the habit of doing daily tasks like above!

Then your personal brand will grow!

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