How to Create a Paypal Button

Helpful Tip # 25

I heard that creating a Paypal Button is not so easy to understand for everyone. To help you do the things right, I have put together all the necessary steps for you here. These are the essentials to follow:

– Go to and login
– Click the ‘Merchant Portal’ tab at the top
– Click ‘Buy Now’ Buttons under ‘Key Features’
– Click ‘Create Paypal Payment Button’

– Enter a name for your product under ‘Item name’
– Enter a price and respective currency
– Scroll down to ‘Step 3: Customize advanced features’

– Set ‘Can your customer add special instructions in a message to you?’ to NO.
– Set ‘Need your customer’s shipping address?’ to NO.
– Under ‘Take customer to a specific page (URL) after checkout cancellation:’
  enter in the link to your sales page.
– Under ‘Take customer to a specific page (URL) after successful checkout:’
  enter in the link to your download page. Be sure to rename the file so
  that it is hard to guess!

– Click ‘Create Button’
– Select the Email format code.
– Copy and paste the HTML code into your sales page. Hyperlink the ‘Buy Now’
  button image so that it links to your PayPal code.

That’s all at Paypal. When your website is ready, upload it to your host and make it live. You will see, once you get some routine it’s easy as l-2-3.