How to Create an HTML Resource Box

Helpful Tip #1

Every time you write an Article, a Newsletter or other Content you publish somewhere, then it is a MUST to include your “Author’s Resource Box” with a link to your Main Webpage, Your Blog or an Affiliate Product which is in close relation with your text and content.

When you are creating Your Resource Box, you will want to include both a text version and an HTML version. When creating a text version, you can simply type your link or links as follows:

When creating Your HTML Resource Box, you will need anchor text. This is simply the text between the a href and /a tags.

Below is the code you can use to create Your HTML Resource Box. Simply type in your link and anchor text in the appropriate places for each link you want to create.

<a href=””>Anchor Text</a>

Here is an example:

Martin Bigler uses and likes <a href=””>Article Marketer</a>.

Remember that most article directories will only accept up to three links in your resource box, and your HTML resource box can only be up to 500 characters. Therefore choose the information you include in your resource box wisely.

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