How To Create Irresistible, Compelling Offers

In todays Daily Shortcut Episode, Dave Wood talks about something that, if you choose to ignore, you’ll be missing out on more than 90% of your potent ial subscribers

In order to reach as many interested, qualified buyers as possible, you have to focus on building a MASSIVE database of subscribers that are EAGER to come to your site and read what you have to say. People who WANT to buy from you and when you talk to on the phone are OPEN  to hearing what you have to say.


The essential skill to MASTER is creating a Compelling Offer.

But you need really to get your compelling offer in front of the right people. That means you need to put in a filter first!

What kind of filter and how to filter your audience?

Check first….

* Do they have a want or a need?

* Who wants or needs your product or service?

* Can they afford it?

* Does your offer fit into their plans or goals?

*  What groups of people already have what you offer fit into their general plans?

These filtration steps will make sure you’re not wasting all your time selling to people who really don’t have a want or a need, who can even afford what you’re offering, or isn’t interested in what you’re selling.

S0 what’s the secret to creating a compelling opt in offer?

After you filter, it’s simple: Find a problem that is specific, and solve that problem for people for free. All they have to do in exchange is give you their email address. Or first name and phone number.


With The Daily Shortcut System , all those questions are already solved for you. Of course, you should always consider creating your own compelling offer, targeted at your specific audience. But the fact is, most new people to online business don’t know theyre target audience well enough to do that right from the start.

With The Daily Shortcut you receive well tailored, valuable, interesting, and inspirational content that you can both consume, and share with others to get traffic into the pre-built, pre-coded, affiliate sales funnel that you get ready made for you.

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