How To Get Twitter Traffic

One of the newest ways in social marketing and generating traffic to your websites and promotions is Twitter.  If you do it right, Twitter traffic can maximize your sites exposure in a way you may have never imagined.

Twitter traffic, you must follow proper etiquette.  First you want to build a list of followers to your Twitter site which is essential to get your messages out, read and hopefully responded to. Very important: do not just send sales pitch after sales pitch. Your first goal is to tell a litttle bit about yourself, what you are doing and what your passions are. In between be helpful to questions your followers might have and als offer them free reports, articles or tools. Finally, do not spam them but cultivate a good and friendly relationship. 

When you are posting tweets to your Twitter site, provide the posts with substance and meaning.  Your followers will be interested in what you have to say, be it private, as a friend or as an expert from your niche. Then they will sure continue to come back for more.  You can get quite a lot more Twitter traffic as long as you are sincere and honest with your posts. Be a regular visitor to your account and make a post at least every 1-3 days.

To keep the relationship going and to find new followers, Twitter offers you the feature to re-tweet interesting posts you have received. In this way, you can post your tweet again and include your link.  This is also a subtle way to softly promote your business.  It would not be considered as spam because your purpose was to comment on the tweets.  If  you have a lot of followers, then your chances are that still more people go and visit your website.

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If you need some Twitter tools, I recommend TweetMyBlog, the viral  TwitterListBuilder, TwitterBot or TweetLater.