How to get your own Ebook Store

This is the Best eBook Membership Website you can get

Have you ever wondered how these nice eBook Stores and Resource Malls are created and managed on the web? Maybe you have a lot ofg PLR and MRR products saved on your computer and want to finally start earning some money from them?

If you want to own one of these nicely arranged eBook stores then I can recommend you this new eBook Membership website which John Thornhill has launched. It is jam-packed with all the latest technology to help you to succeed! I have taken the chance and you can have a glimpse on my eBook store.

If eBay has taken it’s toll on your business with all their new delivery rules on digital products, you really need to start thinking about selling from your very own store website and just help yourself. John uploaded a brand new eBook website, created new installation video’s and a whole bunch of new tools, tips and tutorials to get your eBook and eBay business thriving again.

If you are not sure what you can do with your own eBook Store, take a look at this video and see exactly what you get. Please note that the video was done some time back and that the price has changed slightly. However, you can still save $ 100 if you don’t wait too long…

This is really top quality and best design. Here is a summary of the many added features:

–  Automatic product updates. Your website will automatically update
   with the latest products.

–  Automated digital delivery. As soon as a customer purchases, the 
   product will be delivered via email.

–  Search Facility. Customers can search your entire site for their 
   required eBook.

–  Adsense integration at the click of a button.

–  Clickbank integration. Your Clickbank ID is added to products and
   all affiliate links throughout the site at the click of a button.

–  Aweber integration. Your aweber ID is added to subscription fields
   throughout the site at the click of a button.

–  Add/Remove Categories. The ability to very simply add/remove your
   own categories.

–  Add/Remove eBook Pages. The ability to very simply add/remove your 
   own eBook pages.

–  What You See Is What You Get editing.

–  SEO integration. Your own SEO is added to your site via simple text
   in the Admin Panel.

You also get your very own admin panel to make as many changes as you wish to your website, all specifically designed to be extremely user friendly and amazingly simple! Nearly every single item on this website is editable from your own admin panel. That means you are in total control and it becomes your very own and personalized eBook store.