How to NOT waste YOUR Traffic!

Traffic is the MOST important resource an internet marketer owns.

Therefore, you should exactly know where your sign-ups and sales are coming from.

One secret is not MORE Traffic but to generate BETTER Traffic which converts best posible! Usually it is not so easy to exactly track the sources of the traffic to your sites. But there is help NOW!

100 Percent Mailer has re-launched with a perfect tool named Traffic Wise.

This new Traffic Wise feature tracks over 1.3 million website visitors each month from over 500 different traffic sources to give you a list of the best converting traffic sites compiled from over 100 different signup pages rotating at those sites.

The new Linked Sites feature shows all your own stats on dozens of traffic generating sites in a single snapshot.

Further, there is still another great feature: The Email Wizard will help you write unique emails that get attention and clicks within minutes.

Conclusion: If you want more signups and sales, then 100 Percent Mailer is your First Choice to start with.

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