How to Organize Your Business in 2010

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A Simple Solution to Keeping Up with the Experts and Growing Your Business
As a business owner you know it’s important to spend a good chunk of your time planning and growing your business. Much of that time is also spent collecting and reviewing information from various industry experts.

In fact, each particular aspect of internet marketing and entrepreneurship has experts whom we turn to for advice. This expert advice and information is valuable and is used to help you plan and grow your business. And when you find a reputable, successful, credible and easy to understand expert it just makes good sense to learn from them.

Think about your own business and your own collection of expert advice. You probably have specific experts or websites you turn to for:


List builing & email marketing

Resell rights & private label right products

Product creation


Technology & software

Content writing

Teleseminars and webinars

Marketing blueprints and templates

Traffic generation

Affiliate marketing

And more.

Trying to keep up with all this content poses a problem, actually it poses several problems.

The first and maybe the biggest problem is that you have to keep track of all of this content. Most of the time this means organizing the PDFs, audio and video files you download into labeled files on your desktop. This of course is bulky and by the time you get around to reading it, the information is outdated. You’ve wasted your time and potentially your money.

If you actually took the time to read all of the content you download from your chosen experts you’d spend weeks just reading and not really getting much else done. While there’s a lot to say for getting an education online, you’re a business person and your time is money.

You need faster, easier access to all of the most recent information.

The Simpler Solution Is a Membership Site.

A membership site makes it significantly easier to stay on top of the most recent changes, trends, and information in your industry and in the world of internet marketing. Internet marketing changes quickly as technology changes, customers’ needs change and marketing techniques and strategies change.

A membership site beats a static e-book or even a multi-media course, because it is a living entity, which grows as you do. Membership site owners, if it’s a quality site, are always adding fresh material, as better ways and new techniques evolve.

And when it comes to buying resell products, to sell, giveaway and/or promote for affiliate income, it makes much more sense to belong to a membership site where you know the content isn’t being distributed to thousands of people and you know the products are quality products.

So this makes the content overload problem a bit simpler, right?

Now, instead of downloading tons and tons of content to put in the “To read soon” file on your computer, all you have to do is schedule time during your week to visit your membership site and see what’s new. Many membership sites also have an RSS feed and are great about keeping you up to date on all the new information being added to the site.

Or better yet, if you’re planning your business, as you should be on a regular basis, and you’re working on say your product launch plan for the next couple of months, you can simply go to the membership site that focuses on product launching techniques and strategies and use the most recent and up to date information to help you plan.

But there’s still a potential problem.

Too many membership sites can also be overwhelming not just because you have to remember all of your membership sites and log-on information but perhaps more importantly all those membership fees really add up.

It’s like belonging to ten different gyms. One for weight lifting, one for swimming, one for yoga, one for cycling and so on. Sure you’re getting the best of the best information but you’re also spending a ton of cash on all of those memberships.

A Simple Solution

A simple solution has been found. It’s a single entry point that accesses the best of all the membership sites online and groups them into one single membership. The benefits, beyond not having to keep track of all of the membership sites you belong to and their corresponding log-in information is the fact that it’s just plain cost effective.

This simple solution means you can access copywriting experts, product creation experts, access resell rights products, utilize cutting edge software, find blueprints, templates and everything else you need to build a successful internet business all on one membership site.

To learn more about how you can grow your business with this simple solution to expert content overload and how you can access the best membership sites from one single privileged membership, visit

Article by Jeremy Gislason & Simon Hodginson.
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