How to Recruit A Profitable Affiliate Army

The Big Question Is: How Many Zeros Do You Want To Have On Your Paycheck?

A cruel fact first: ** YOU CANNOT DO IT YOURSELF !! **

If you don’t have an affiliate program, then you are missing out on thousands of dollars in profits. Affiliate programs can bring in 4, 5, 6 and even more figures to your annual income than a product without an affiliate program!

Heavy earners *know* how important affiliate programs are. They get rewarded best for promoting your product.

An affiliate program allows you to have hundreds, if not thousands, of websites and webmasters selling your product or service for you. You reward the websites and Webmasters by paying them for their efforts. Simple right?

Ask yourself this:

## Have you got an affiliate program in place?
## Are you fully utilizing it?
## Or did you just create one because another marketer said it’s a “good idea”?


If you’re doing it properly, your affiliate program will…

– Increase your website traffic.
– Attract pay-per-click affiliates.
– Attract thousands of testing affiliates.
– Have a growing effect on your sales.
– Popularize your brand or product.
– Build your list or customers, prospects and marketers!

So take a minute to reflect and check that your affiliate program currently just does this?

Maybe all fits and you know all about. But you may realize thet there are some open questions or strategical cases which you need to tackle still better? Something might even be too difficult or you are overwhelmed?

Then, I have a good answer by a new series of videos for you that will clarify everything for you once and for all! And it’s so affordable that even with only one hint on how to do better you will get back your small investment over and over again in a very short time.

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