How to reduce the costs in your business

NetSuite Pricing

Cutting your software costs

I want to help you save money and I am never going to ask you for anything in return.

Every year I save thousands of pounds by not spending any money on software. I needed a better deal and systems for my business, I was evaluating NetSuite pricing which left me cold and inspired me to write this article. Most of the essential tasks I have to perform on a daily basis in my business are done using free software. This is not normally included in the business curriculm at colleges. I know for a fact that most folk that work in small businesses dont know or practice the steps I share with you here.

Stick to this approach and start saving money.

  • 10 minutes/day search on one term ie free wordprocessor.
  • A copy of Evernote or similar to help you record your findings.
  • Spend 10 mins. everyday giving your findings a very quick try.

It took me about for weeks on and off spending max twenty minutes a day to discover all of the tools I am ever going to need. To get you going here is a small sample of the tools I use every day to get the job done.

If you are about to purchase any of the basic software you need for your business, the chances are you have looked at the software I have listed on the right hand side of the page, on the left you will find their free equivalents.

Here we go:

Just type the name of the free product to the search engines

One system to manage customers and accounting pricing: free NetSuite pricing – really expensive

Sorry I couldnt resist this one…

Creating and writing Documents

Google Docs pricing: $0 Microsoft Office pricing – at least $100


OpenOffice (

Sharing ideas online pricing: $0 Mindjet pricing – at least $200

Making videos

Jing pricing: $0 Camtasia Studio pricing – at least $300


DimDim pricing: $0 AdobeConnect pricing – at least $200/month

My thanks to the NetSuite pricing incident for the inspiration to write this up and help you out.

More soon…