How to Uninstall the Google Toolbar

My Helpful Tip #3

Not beeing a techie user, I recently found it quite difficult to uninstall the Google Toolbar. I got it automatically with the the download of Adobe Reader 9 and suddenly, I had 2 search boxes and more space taken from my screen. The Toolbar could not be deleted in the program file since there were open processes running in the background and there was no way to stop them.

Searching for help, I found this instruction and I was done in 2 minutes:

Start Internet Explorer. Click the Google Logo in the Toolbar and select “uninstall” from the Dropdown Menue. In the actual version, you can find “uninstall” under Help in the Dropdown Menue. Sorry, the moment I write this, I could not check Firefox but I assume it will be not much difference there.

Another possibility is to select “System  / Software” from the Start Menue. Just mark the “Google Toolbar for Internet Explorer” and click the button “change / Delete”. You are done and it works.