How To Write Compelling Website Reviews That Sell

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Writing website reviews is an art form. Reviews should entice people to buy a product, but not force or hard sell them. Internet users are becoming much more savvy to even the most subtle of marketing messages.

Soft Selling vs Hard Selling

Some marketers still use the hard selling approach. That is, being a total sales person and using classic sales techniques to sell. Infomercials on TV can be thought of as an example of hard selling. They virtually shout at you to buy their product.

Soft selling is much more subtle, toned down and much less direct, but can often be much more powerful. Instead of blatantly selling a product to your visitors, inform them about the features, qualities and benefits of the product. Website readers should tell the readers how the product can improve their life.

But aside from mentioning the advantages, you should also point out any minor flaw of the product. This will increase the reader’s trust on you and will make them believe you more when you tell them the good sides.

When you counter the flaws with the positives, it’s best if you relate the advantages with the disadvantages. For example, you could say, “This product costs a little more, but the big savings you’ll incur every month will more than offset that little additional payment.”

Making people feel as if they are missing out on something great by not buying a product is one of the best ways to convert a sale when writing website reviews.

2 Types of Products to Review

There are generally two types of products you can review on your site:

1) Your Own Product

Selling your own product by offering a website review can be the toughest strategy to undertake. You may have set up an exterior second site to send people to your main site.

This second site can be a review type site that touts the benefits of your product. You will have a huge advantage over other people who review your product, as you know all about the product so can provide inside information.

Many webmasters write website reviews without even buying the product – something that puts them in a less desirable position when it comes to creating unique and informative content that entices people to buy.

2) Someone Else’s Product

Reviewing someone else’s product is what most people do online. This is an effective affiliate marketing strategy and requires some research to undertake.

Ideally, you should buy the product before reviewing it, particularly if it is an information product like an e-book or video series.

That way you will have a total understanding of the particular product and will be in a better position to promote it using website reviews… without just rehashing the seller’s sales page points.


One of the best persuasion tactics is simply to show what other customers are saying about a product. Nothing sells better than social acceptance; and if your product is widely accepted by people, then you are going to have an easier time converting buyers.

Point visitors to real customer testimonials and reviews, and show them statistics about how many units have been sold.

People feel reassured knowing that other people have made a decision to buy a product and are happy with it. When it comes down to it, most people simply follow in the footsteps of others; so if they see other people enjoying the benefits of a product, then they are likely to buy. You are simply stepping in the middle and connecting prospective buyers with existing buyers.

Writing great website reviews is easy once you understand what makes your potential customers tick.

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