Invitation To The New Year Giveaway JV

The Biggest Ever New Years Event 2010 Is Here!

When it comes to giveaway events certainly not all of them are created equally. In the last year we have seen hundreds of giveaway events crop up all over the place. Some of these switch between niches, and also try to cater to a different theme to give a giveaway event a certain uniqueness. Some can be fairly successful, and others, well – sort of fall flat on their face.

The original and most successful giveaway New Years Giveaway event has just swung open their doors for the third time. Guido Nussbaum and Davin Ogden brought this event to list builders everywhere in both 2007 and 2008.

Both years were extremely successful, especially last year. Last year the event completely smashed many records for the amount of contributors and members who came through their doors. In total there was over 20,000 contributors and members who were signed up for this event! Now if that doesn’t tell you that these guys know how to put on one hell of an event, I’m not sure what does!

Putting on an event like this does take some planning. With their events they offer contributors many more ways to profit from the event as compared to many out there. Also, with their contests and prizes it’s become a complete favorite for marketers every year. If there is one event out of a year that you want to be a part of, this is the one!

You can generally expect a ton of signups for your list through this event. Promoters work this event very hard. They make it a win/win situation for all that are involved. If you are a new marketer on the scene, looking for a way to kick start your list into overdrive, then this event will help you a lot! That said, do not think you can come into this event and simply ride off the tails of the bigger marketers promotional efforts. If you want to benefit you must promote the event yourself.

Promoting the event is only fair for all involved. The great thing is, that Guido and Davin provide newer marketers with training material so they can successfully promote the event themselves. You’ll receive marketing tactics that bring results every other day by email. They make it so easy for you!

I suggest you hop onboard this event right now! This is definitely one killer event you don’t want to miss out on. It’s time to enter 2010 with a bang – enter it with hundreds of new subscribers to your mailing list – get on it!

Right now there are some 100 free products ready for download. This will grow every day and finally you get a choice of more than 1000 free downloads. Alone this great selection of valuable stuff makes it worthwile to sign up and get what you need.

I recommend to sign up as a Contributer. However, if you have no products to give away for free, then you might be interested in downloading free products. In this case, please sign up as a Free Member.