Is The Giveaway Madness Worth The Hype?

The goal of the whole system is to get list sign-ups

I just say yes! There are, however, certain criteria to be considered when you need to take a decision to take part or not in such an event. These are the following:

– Are you a newbie, medium savvy or a professional
  online marketer?

– Do you have a low or higher budget to spend?

– Do you want to build your list in first place
  as a contributor?
– Or do you want to profit from the many freely
  offered web tools as a member?

– If you want to be a contributor, do you have a
  ready-made free gift to upload?

– And finally, is the organizer of the giveaway
  event serious and well known online?

This is quite a lot to know and to decide and it really might overwhelm some prospective online marketers. Read on for more information…