Just Launched: Profit From PLR

Profit From PLR by John Thornhill successfully launched August 18, 2009

Did you know there are SIX Phases to making a success from your PLR (Private Label) Products?  Well you do now and below John Thornhill has sourced the SIX success phases and detailed them for you in his all new product Profit From PLR. But first see the introductory Video here .

Before we actually look at the phases, did you know that Private label rights products are the Kings of resale rights and what better products do we have in the world than top quality products written for you?

The cost of PLR is relatively cheap and I can guarantee that that somewhere in that hard drive filling system you will have some lying there not being used at all, let alone to its full potential. Or maybe you just don’t Know how to market it right, am I right? In a nut Shell PLR gives you complete control over the product, it’s yours to sell, edit, give away, throw away, change, the bottom line is you own the full rights as if it were your own.

Ok , now to the phases of PLR success and this phenomenal new product from the office of John Thornhill once mere factory worker now internet marketing expert. Below John will show you the steps needed to make your PLR work for you. Put that dream into action and get out of the 9 to 5 or in Johns case, the night shift, day shift  and twilight shift!

Phase 1 – Research, Development & Preparation

First of all you will start performing research and narrowing
your sales niche. You will also begin to build the foundations
for your online business.

Phase 2 – Content Creation

In phase 2 you will create the marketing content that you
will present to the marketplace, don’t worry if you have never
done this before as I have laid everything out for you so you
sail through this section.

Phase 3 – Website Construction

In phase 3 you will begin building your website and working on
your sales process. Most of phase 3 will be spent watching John
build a money making website right in front of you via online
video tutorials.  It’s like having him sat next to you showing you
what to do. John will also reveal the killer tactics that has seen
him earn over $75,000 from PLR alone. You will be able to copy his
model and add it to your sales process.

Phase 4 – Review Your Sales Process

In this phase you will review your entire marketing and sales
processes to make sure that they are all foolproof and that all
your bases are covered before your product goes on sale.

Phase 5 – Start Marketing

In phase 5 you will focus on marketing your product in a number
of different ways. You’ll be presented with a multi-pronged approach
to enable you to hit as many different types of marketing avenues
as possible in the shortest amount of time. Today is the day your
efforts pay off as you start to drive traffic to your site on autopilot!

Phase 6 and beyond – Advanced strategies

This is where you take your business to the next level as I show you
advanced strategies and how to ‘keep it going’. There is no turning
back now as you follow the path to success.

As you can see the phases of this product are deep and packed full of content. However the main thing we all need to be concerned with here are:

1.  It’s like having him sat next to you showing you what to do

2.  John will also reveal the killer tactics that has seen him earn
     over $75,000 from PLR alone

3.  Foolproof

4.  Hit as many different types of marketing avenues as possible

5.  Autopilot!

These five points are what will make your business a thriving success and will turn your life around for the better. It’s not rocket science you just need someone to show you the way to a business model that works and this one does. Profit From PLR is the ultimate tool for PLR success and will bring you a very handsome income stream.

And a last remark: If you are going to buy one business product this month, this is the one to buy! It does exactly like it says on the tin. It makes you money from PLR. Ant the the Launch price is really attractive. It will go up later substantially.

Remember, when you have your own PLR products you can:

*  Sell them on their own mini site – Use the PLR material to create
    your own mini website and sell your products from there.

*  Add them to bigger packages – Take 3 or 4 related PLR products
    and add them to a larger package. This is turn will allow you to
    sell your package for a much higher price and create for yourself
    a great source of income for very little effort.

The choices are endless when you have the content at your disposal. And that is where John comes in as he shows you exactly what to do with the PLR content you have. In the form of video tutorials, John will walk you through a series of phases which will learn you the techniques needed to make your PLR a success. 

The videos in this series are so good and informative. Not only will John show you the way to create your PLR and package it up for resale. He will also show you how to find your niche and market your products too.

All of John’s training products have been a major success so far and this one is no exception. Profit From PLR is one of John finest products to date, his teaching methods go from strength to strength. Let John help you become a success with Profit from PLR.