JV Alert: Launch of Brand New Global Busines Mailer January 17, 2013

Last Chance For A FREE JV Account!

Today I am proudly announcing the launch of my own Global Business Mailer which will launch on 17th January 2013 at 2 pm. East.   I kindly invite you to join me in the launch and to get the advantage to become involved right from the beginning, make some good commissions and build your downline fast with referrals.

Grab Your FREE JV Partner Account Now!

This is how the cool business like design of Global Business Mailer looks like:




Click here for your JV Account!

We all know time is Money!

So save yourself many steps and use the available features at Global Business Mailer in your favour:

* to promote your best Affiliate Links * with short but catchy Headlines and Mails

* to send mails daily to the whole GBM Audience (growing fast!) * Save your mails and resend your Ads – Big time saver!

* Upgraded member can even auto send on set dates

That’s a lot for free and a huge traffic wave to your affiliate links. The click thru rate is easily over 4-5 %, depending on your mail text and offer

So get started while it’s still growing fast!


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